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Two minutes on… cloud migration services

During this two-minute video introduction our CTO, Leighton James, talks about out how our multi-cloud, multi-site, multi-classification platform, and our presence within the Crown Campus gives you all the cloud migration options you could possibly need.

But it’s not all about technology. Our team of dedicated multi-cloud experts are here to help – no matter your level of cloud maturity. Whether you want to migrate legacy applications to the cloud or transform existing services to a cloud-native architecture – we’ve got your back.

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  • Determine what can move to the cloud
  • Implement a 'Cloud First' strategy
  • Transition existing services to the cloud
  • Address near term capacity constraints
  • Control and optimise your cloud spend
  • Determine what can move to the cloud

    We’ve helped hundreds of public sector programmes adopt the cloud. Our specialists are at hand to help you too.

    – Discovery and assessment services help you identify what you’ve got

    – Our proven cloud migration methodology gets you from A to B

    – We use common tools and partner capabilities so you’re not locked in

    Implement a 'Cloud First' strategy

    Your IT budget is increasingly constrained, so how does cloud help? Let us show you how.

    – Avoid refresh projects by substituting your datacentre with cloud

    – Tap into cloud capacity to avoid expanding your on-premises environment

    – Use the cloud as a flexible and cost-effective foundation for your very next project

    Transition existing services to the cloud

    Not everyone can abandon the old and focus on the new; our platform uses familiar technologies so you can harness your existing capabilities

    – Different clouds for different workloads; multi-cloud gives you new options

    – Bring together cloud and non-cloud in the government-grade Crown Campus

    – Reduce your lock-in risk of proprietary vendors and incumbent providers

    Address near term capacity constraints

    Whether you have a purpose-built datacentre or a computer cupboard; capacity issues cost you time and money. UKCloud can help:

    – Move seldom-used data to the cloud to free-up capacity

    – Use the cloud for unpredictable Test & Development environments

    – Migrate from on-premises to the cloud for elasticity and scale

    Control and optimise your cloud spend

    The self-service and limitless capacity of cloud can create budget issues if your teams don’t use resources prudently

    – Avoid expensive hidden costs with a simple and transparent pricing model

    – Work with our cloud experts to review and optimise your solutions

    – Use a combination of non-cloud and multi-cloud solutions for different needs

  • Professional Services

    Our team helps you to envisage, design, and execute the right multi-cloud strategy.

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  • Case Study

    Learn how we met all of Nine23’s requirements for a secure and sovereign cloud platform

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