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A suite of services designed to remove the distraction of IT operations, enabling your organisation to focus on genuine business outcomes.

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Increasing complexity of IT estates

As customer solutions expand beyond the data centre into multi-cloud environments managing basic IT operations activities becomes complex, costly and resource intensive.

Increasing challenges. As workloads increase, generating accurate monitoring across the disparate technology stacks adds to the complexity. Our ability to aggregate events into a single view, helps to simplify the challenge associated with managing dispersed compute assets. Our service increases your overall trust and confidence in the health of your IT estate giving you time to focus on future projects.

More workloads, more to manage. Organisations today utilise a combination of tools, technologies, and dispersed network estates to deliver applications and services to employees and customers. This introduces a new set of obstacles for IT teams to overcome which include a lack of visibility and orchestration challenges across the entire IT estate.

Increased security and stability risks. With a complex IT estate to manage, IT teams have an increasingly difficult task of patching Virtual Machines to ensure routine updates are implemented. Cyber Threat Actors continue to take advantage of vulnerable systems, highlighting the need for more robust patching and anti-virus solutions.

Bridging the skills gap. The widespread adoption and use of technology have helped organisations serve their customers, but this has also led to management challenges due to resource shortfalls. IT Teams are under pressure to carry out routine tasks, such as VM deployment, monitoring and patching leaving little time to focus on innovation and the future.

  • A team you can rely on

    We have over 25 specialist engineers in our Network Operation Centre (NOC), all security cleared and are monitoring the platform 24x7x365, providing proactive support.

  • Ensure peace of mind

    Our people and systems work in harmony to ensure customer workloads remain safe and secure. On average, our tools detect over 10,000 events each hour generating over 100 alerts which we manage.

  • Leverage our knowledge and expertise

    We’ve invested over £1m into our NOC, which is in addition to over 1m man hours spent on developing, optimising and increasing our specialist support capabilities.

  • Work with our award-winning team

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    Our Managed IT Operations portfolio consists of…

  • Managed Monitoring as a Service
  • Managed VM Recovery Point
  • Patching as a Service
  • Anti-Virus as a Service
  • Premium Managed Services
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    Rashid Hussain
    Head of Application Support and Cloud Hosting, SynApps Solutions

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