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Commercial flexibility with no-lock in

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Modern Datacentre Solutions

Traditional datacentres are inefficient and inflexible. You can avoid lock-in to a single cloud and benefit from competition, delivering you better value and innovation, without compromise. Free yourself from the cost and agility constraints without throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Watch the video to hear our CTO, Leighton James discuss migrating sensitive datasets to the cloud.

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Why choose UKCloud?

We deliver better value and innovation, without compromise.

Doing more for less; enhancing front-line services whilst reducing costs

Your IT budget is increasingly constrained, so how can you avoid the capex cost spiral? Let us show you how.

  • Avoid refresh projects by substituting your datacentre with cloud.
  • Tap into cloud capacity to avoid expanding your on-premises environment
  • Use cloud as a flexible and cost-effective foundation for your very next project

These are just some of the ways cloud can help you do more with less. Learn how hundreds of public sector projects benefit from true commercial flexibility with no lock-in.

We ensure your existing applications and skills aren’t left behind

Not everyone can abandon the old and focus on the new; our platform uses familiar technologies so you can harness your existing capabilities

  • Different clouds for different workloads; multi-cloud gives you new options
  • Bring together cloud and non-cloud in the government-grade Crown Campus
  • Reduce your lock-in risk of proprietary vendors and incumbent providers

Up-to 80% of your IT resources are keeping the lights on. Learn how to reduce waste and inefficiency by modernising as well as transforming

From lock-in to agility; choice delivers genuine value

Traditional IT outsourcing locked you in to one-size-fits-all. Learn how the plurality of cloud delivers competition through the ability to lower costs, innovation and value-for-money

  • Facing penalties for late exit; multi-cloud accelerates your transition
  • Move into the provider neutral Crown Campus to keep control of your IT
  • We focus on hosting, so you can focus on your outcomes

Extend your contract or take on a risky transformation? Don’t compromise; learn how to take small steps that make a big difference.

Capacity management is all the more difficult with finite resources

Whether you have a purpose-built data centre or a computer cupboard; capacity issues cost you time and money. UKCloud can help:

  • Move seldom used data to the cloud to free-up capacity
  • Use the cloud for unpredictable Test & Development environments
  • Migrate from on-premises to the cloud for elasticity and scale

Elastic scaleability is one of the biggest benefits of cloud. Learn how to kill two birds with one stone by using cloud to address your capacity challenges.

Technology is evolving faster than ever; we help you keep up

It’s a real challenge to keep pace with technology. Our platforms are inherently ‘ever-green’ so you can avoid the cost and distraction of refresh programmes.

  • Can you afford to refresh your infrastructure every three years?
  • Do you have the skills to adopt new technologies?
  • What are the consequences of a failure on service availability?

At UKCloud, we entirely focus on ensuring you have an up-to-date platform which reduces the risks, costs and distractions to your mission.

“Our online marketplace, hosted on UKCloud's assured, resilient platform, is delivering the efficiency benefits we'd hoped for. Our contracting process is now an order of magnitude easier for everyone to use.”
Dr Neil Higson
Project Manager, Dstl

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