Use innovative multi-cloud solutions to replace inefficient legacy data centres with a cost-effective, agile and highly secure alternative.

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Risks of legacy data centres

Traditional data centres are inefficient and inflexible, often inhibiting innovation. Data and applications are now vital to an organisations’ success, and need to be appropriately managed and maintained. Applications running on traditional hardware are at an increased risk of failure due to ageing systems and are exposed to security vulnerabilities. These disparate systems emphasize the resource and skills gaps within an IT department as an excessive amount of time is typically spent on patching and general maintenance. As a result, organisations cannot innovate quickly and have little time to focus on driving future capabilities with new applications and services.

Watch the video to hear our CTO, Leighton James, discuss migrating traditional data centre environments to multi-cloud.

Host legacy applications with ease

Not all web applications were designed for the cloud, but many are critical to the success of your organisation. Our multi-cloud platform utilises familiar technologies so you can harness existing capabilities.

  • Scalable, secure and enterprise-ready VMware platform ideal for legacy applications
  • Bring together cloud and non-cloud workloads in a government-grade Crown Campus
  • Reduce your lock-in to proprietary platforms and incumbent providers

Up to 80% of your IT resources are used just to keep the lights on. We can help you reduce waste and inefficiency by modernising your workloads and transforming your IT.

Protect and transform your data

Data underpins everything we do. Understanding your data enables you to drive value and incubate innovation. Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) can help to explore datasets and extract business intelligence. UKCloud can help.

  • To ensure data is always safe and secure, our platform is capable of hosting data at the highest classification levels.
  • The platform is accredited and protected by government-grade cybersecurity
  • Utilise market-leading data discovery, backup and retention solutions

As a UKCloud customer, we are custodians of your data which resides on our UK safe, secure and sovereign multi-cloud platform. We’re entirely focused on ensuring you have an up-to-date platform that reduces risks, costs and distractions, so you can concentrate on driving business outcomes.

How to level up your applications at speed

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  • Risk mitigation
  • Efficiency and productivity
  • Innovation ready
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