Power of Artificial Intelligence

Deliver innovative solutions through the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence, enabling a digital future for organisations, customers and UK citizens.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

Provide smarter solutions to customers and UK citizens through the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence, facilitating advanced applications and services.

Power of Artificial Intelligence

Achieve process efficiencies through the utilisation of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation, saving time and cost.

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Overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

What is AI?

AI is the concept of giving the ability to learn to machines. Intelligence can be defined as either natural or artificial and is typically categorised as Narrow, General and Super.

The power to revolutionise

AI is one of the technologies most likely to enable valuable outcomes for your organisation. It can drive greater insight from data that already exists within your current or legacy IT environments. AI modelling turns raw data into insightful, actionable and valuable data, enabling tangible outcomes.

Data is the fuel for AI

Organisations today are collecting vast amounts of structured and unstructured data each day and applying AI to this data can help realise significant value. Cloud computing provides the infrastructure required by AI, able to deal with big data challenges and can operate at scale and speed. Across public sector, there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage AI to better serve citizens and the teams responsible. Strategically implemented, the technology can help to coordinate interventions, improve efficiencies and reduce cost. UKCloud understand how important this data is and can help organisations maintain their data safely and securely on our UK-sovereign platform.

Our leading AI partner ecosystem

We are partnered with some of the most innovative, progressive and exciting AI players in the market and are ready to help deliver exceptional outcomes.
Bellrock Technology

Bellrock Technology are data science deployment & integrations specialists. The challenges facing organisations looking to develop data science are universal. Using the Bellrock Technology Lumen platform helps you deploy your models, automatically build data pipelines and access your insights in minutes rather than months.

Spectra Analytics

Spectra Analytics are a leading AI software company, enabling healthcare, finance and defence with AI expertise in key areas such as Data Management, Data Science, Research, Advisory & Training. Organisations benefit from AI planning to harness the value of data.

  • Driving intelligence

    Collate situational data (real-time location) and overlay it with environmental information (crime risk profile) using AI modelling to take proactive decisions.

  • Providing advanced healthcare

    AI can assist clinicians and enhance their clinical judgement through decision support, patient triage and image analysis.

  • Transforming organisations

    AI modelling and Robotic Process Automation are key enablers to alleviate resourcing challenges by exploiting existing skill sets.

  • Take your next steps

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  • Intelligence
  • Security
  • “There are many opportunities for AI to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. Collaborating with Spectra to develop AI-driven products is incredibly exciting, and could lead to massive benefits for both individual patients and the wider NHS”
    Dr Ben Brown
    GP and Informatician, University of Manchester

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