Artificial Intelligence

From Machine Learning to data pipelines, we have a unique technology and partner ecosystem that can help the public sector deliver new, digital services at speed.

Data is the fuel for AI

In a recent paper, Accenture claims that 85% of business and IT executives are looking to make investments in AI-related technologies over the next three years. But how can public sector organisations harness the promise of this new and emerging technology?

Organisations today are collecting vast amounts of structured and unstructured data. And it’s through the use of AI tools that they can extract additional value. But how? Cloud computing provides you with the infrastructure capability required to deploy AI solutions. Unlike legacy hardware, the cloud can process streams of data at both scale and speed.

Across the public sector, there is a tremendous opportunity to leverage AI to better serve UK citizens. However, the sensitive nature of public sector data means it needs to be treated with care. However, through our partnership with Red Hat, we’ve given public sector organisations a chance to deploy AI-based technologies with open source. A chance to follow in the footsteps of companies like BMW and ExxonMobile who are all using Red Hat’s OpenShift platform to reimagine the art of the possible. And for companies who want an out-of-the-box service? Well, we’ve partnered with leading technology providers like Bellrock and Spectra Analytics too. More information below.

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Use containers and Kubernetes to drive your Machine Learning projects

Whilst Machine Learning (ML) is a subset of Artificial Intelligence (AI), OpenShift has become the go-to platform for countless organisations who want to extract more value from their data.

Data Scientists require access to ML modelling tools, data and compute if they’re rapidly going to push new data models into production. And that’s exactly the experience they’ll get with Red Hat OpenShift. This high-tech experience, coupled with our unique connectivity and assurance options, gives public sector organisations the tools they need to explore ML technology.

Build data pipelines with Bellrock

Turning data science models into real-world business applications by hand is difficult and expensive. Bellrock’s Lumen platform automates everything so you can deliver end-to-end applications at speed and at scale.

Now, rather than having to wait months to deploy new data models, you can automatically build data pipelines in minutes.

Boost AI capabilities with Spectra Analytics

With over five years of experience, Spectra Analytics has helped numerous public sector organisations extract move value from their data – including the NHS and British Army.

Whether you’re looking to take your first steps with Big Data or reduce overheads with RPA – Spectra Analytics have the experience and know-how to make your next AI-project a success

Military officer looking at a digital transformation plan using defence technology

Your route to AI

Unsure how your organisation can realise the potential of AI-based technologies? Our professional services team are here to help.

First, we’ll help you remove the burden of legacy hardware – before then helping you unpack your vision with clear incremental steps. Whether that be with our technology portfolio or third-party solutions.

University of Manchester

There are many opportunities for AI to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of health care. Collaborating with Spectra to develop AI-driven products is incredibly exciting, and could lead to massive benefits for both individual patients and the wider NHS.

– Dan Brown, GP and Informatician, University of Manchester

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