Solutions for Local Government

Helping accelerate the delivery of digital services to your local citizens

Local authorities are being challenged to improve services to residents but at the same time reduce costs in order to overcome spending cuts. Councils are being tasked to deliver better demand management, improved handling of routine transactions and greater use of shared data. Delivering digital services to citizens online can reduce costs, reduce workloads on front-line staff and provide improved levels of service. But how can digital services be developed, procured and hosted quickly and securely?

Delivery of ICT resources using a virtualised cloud environment can offer significant cost savings. Expensive on-premises infrastructure can be rationalised or removed. Innovative applications used to provide secure online services can be developed and hosted in a secure cloud environment. Complex and costly departmental systems can be rationalised and cloud services can be used to provide flexible and cost effective ICT services that facilitate data sharing across departments and with other authorities.

UKCloud provides assured cloud services designed specifically for the UK public sector. Our services are UK Government accredited up to IL3 and so suitable for all data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE). You can use our infrastructure to deliver service while protecting citizen data.

We’re already working with a number of local councils to deliver cloud-based services and we can work with you to help you to accelerate the delivery of digital services to your local citizens, as well as to deliver in-house services in a more agile and cost-effective manner.