UKCloud Limited (“UKC”) and Virtual Infrastructure Group Limited (“VIG”) (together “the Companies”) – in Compulsory Liquidation

On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

Further information regarding the Liquidations can be found here:

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The Scottish Government

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The Scottish Government has an exciting digital strategy that will ensure that Scotland can realise its full potential in a digital world. The strategy commits all new digital services developed by the Scottish Government will meet the ‘Digital First Service Standard’ and that businesses across Scotland will be given the digital support needed for them to become internationally competitive.

UKCloud will help you embrace this strategy. We have a UK sovereign cloud platform that is proven across hundreds of digital programmes across the UK public sector and can potentially be accessed via SWAN (Scottish Wide Area Network). We have local experts that can help you cultivate a digital culture, not merely building new cloud native applications – but also helping your modernise your existing investments in IT systems, processes and skills. And we’ve nurtured a growing ecosystem of specialist partners, many of which are UK SMEs, to give you access to the capabilities and innovative ideas that will help you make your transformation happen – cheaper, faster and safer.

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Accelerating Scotland's Digital Strategy

UKCloud is closely aligned with the Scottish Government's Digital Strategy

  • Shared Technology
  • Public Cloud Engagement
  • Secure Data
  • Digital Employment
  • Shared Technology

    UKCloud has invested almost a decade of effort and £10m+ to create a shared cloud platform that is hosted exclusively in government-grade UK facilities that are extensively used to enable public services across the UK.

    We offer plenty of connectivity options from DDoS protected internet, through private connections or connectivity via SWAN.

    Public Cloud Engagement

    UKCloud exclusively provide services to government, public sector and regulated industries. Our approach to assurance spans people, process, premises and technology and we’ve achieved extensive independent validation.

    We’re passionate about ensuring the public’s data is kept sovereign and protected from lock-in to proprietary cloud platforms.

    Secure Data

    Having supported more than 250 digital programmes across UK public sector, we have implemented significant levels of security and resilience to help ensure the services delivered on our platform are well protected from ever expanding cyber threats.

    We provide a range of services and solutions that help our customers understand their cyber health and harness innovative new approaches of delivering cyber security operations centres (CSOC).

    Digital Employment

    UKCloud has always been committed to creating ‘social value’ via the UK GovTech community. We’ve created hundreds of high-calibre jobs (including apprenticeships and student placements) as well as ongoing development of skills in cyber, cloud and digital.

    And we’re expert at helping our ecosystem of more than 300 partners, many of which are small British businesses such as software developers and service providers, to grow and develop new capabilities based on services provided by our platform.

    “We can engage with UKCloud and ensure solutions are optimised for a community or a customer. That wouldn't be possible with a big public cloud provider.”
    Jeremy Humphrey
    Technology Practice Director, Roc Technologies

    UKCloud for Openstack

    UKCloud for OpenStack is the perfect platform for organisations who want to build their digital transformation around open source. By hosting your applications on UKCloud for OpenStack, you can start to deliver a true cloud-native experience and can begin to enjoy the benefits of elastic infrastructure as code and rapid deployment times.

    Powered by Red Hat’s OpenStack Platform, this service provides a full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that address the needs of DevOps and WebOps communities.

    UKCloud Azure Stack Hub

    Is Microsoft Azure your organisation’s endgame? If so, then UKCloud Azure Stack Hub offers the perfect opportunity to apply these emerging skillsets to legacy workloads.

    Our private Azure Stack Hub service is delivered from within our award-winning government-grade platform – addressing the service, connectivity and diversity requirements of UK Public Sector organisations. UKCloud can also support your deployments on Azure public as a Tier 1 Cloud Service Provider (CSP), providing a hybrid solution for your Microsoft Azure environments.

    UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift

    Refactor, rearchitect or rebuild legacy applications with UKCloud for Red Hat OpenShift.

    We offer a secure, private deployment of Red Hat’s OpenShift container platform so you can develop and deploy your applications with government-grade assurance. Allowing your developers to divorce themselves from physical hardware and package applications so they can be deployed anytime, anywhere. Focus your team on delivering value further up the stack with the rapid delivery of quality-controlled code.

    UKCloud for VMware

    A trusted, connected and flexible VMware cloud, we provide our customers with an interface that replicates the experience they already know and love. UKCloud for VMware provides self-service provisioning of Virtual Data Centres (VDCs), Virtual Machines (VMs), storage and networking.

    And with native backup and disaster recovery solutions, performant storage options and government-network connectivity – you have all the tools you need to rehost enterprise applications in the cloud.

    Public Services Network

    Owned by the government, the PSN serves as a high-performance network for all public sector organisations. Helping increase interoperability amongst departments and reducing repeat work. 

    At UKCloud, our native connectivity provides access to most central, local and devolved government organisations. Cleared to carry both Assured and Elevated workloads  now even your most sensitive systems can move to the cloud. 

    To use this network, your organisation must have a PSN compliance certificate. 

    Restricted LAN Interconnect (RLI)

    RLI is a high-security network with pre-approved connection options for the defence community and industry partners.

    Available as part of our multi-cloud offering, defence organisations can quickly access the critical information they need to deliver new and existing services in the cloud. Not only will your data be hosted in our state-of-the-art facilities – but you’ll also benefit from direct access to one of the UK’s most secure networks.

    Connection to RLI is subject to vetting and approval from the MoD.

    Health and Social Care Network (HSCN)

    HSCN is a high-speed data network dedicated to health and care – replacing the previously used N3 network. As with PSN, RLI, and Janet – this network was launched with the hope to improve interoperability amongst its incumbents.

    Built on the crown campus, UKCloud offers native access to HSCN – providing healthcare organisations with the opportunity to take applications with dependencies to this network and deliver them in the cloud.


    Janet – owned by Jisc – is a high-speed network for the UK research and education sector. Janet currently serves over 18 million users and is the most active National Research and Education Network in Europe – carrying 1.5 petabytes worth of data each year. 

    Built on the Crown Campus, UKCloud offers direct access to the Janet network so the education industry can access the data and resources they need to deliver new and existing services in the cloud. 

    Assured Official

    The UKCloud Assured OFFICIAL cloud platform previously achieved CESG Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) and is PSN accredited to host OFFICIAL data (including OFFICIAL SENSITIVE) which is accessible via native connectivity to DDoS protected internet, PSN, HSCN and Janet networks dependent on relevant accreditation. You can also connect private connections, and the platform undergoes regular audits and CHECK tests.

    Elevated Official

    The UKCloud Elevated OFFICAL cloud platform previously achieved CESG Pan Government Accreditation (PGA) and is PSN accredited to host OFFICIAL data (including OFFICIAL SENSITIVE) which is accessible via native connectivity to PSN, RLI and other secure or/and encrypted government networks dependant on relevant accreditation.

    You can also connect private connections, and the platform undergoes regular audits and CHECK tests. This isolated platform allows UK public sector organisations to create highly secure workloads in the cloud, whilst segregating data and compute functions into either the Assured or Elevated platforms to ensure data is secure.

    Above Official

    UKCloud offers uncompromising security and integrity.

    As the only UK sovereign Strategic Cloud Provider with government-approved secure facilities and security-cleared staff, we bring the power of the cloud into the most secure and sensitive environments. Making it easy to connect and share information between security domains.

    Your mission-critical systems operating at Tier 2 or SECRET require the highest levels of integrity and availability – and our platform is ready to deliver superior levels of resilience.