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The Scottish Government has an exciting digital strategy that will ensure that Scotland can realise its full potential in a digital world. The strategy commits all new digital services developed by the Scottish Government will meet the ‘Digital First Service Standard’ and that businesses across Scotland will be given the digital support needed for them to become internationally competitive.

UKCloud will help you embrace this strategy. We have a UK sovereign cloud platform that is proven across hundreds of digital programmes across the UK public sector and can potentially be accessed via SWAN (Scottish Wide Area Network). We have local experts that can help you cultivate a digital culture, not merely building new cloud native applications – but also helping your modernise your existing investments in IT systems, processes and skills. And we’ve nurtured a growing ecosystem of specialist partners, many of which are UK SMEs, to give you access to the capabilities and innovative ideas that will help you make your transformation happen – cheaper, faster and safer.

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“It’s a strategy for Scotland, not just the Scottish Government. It recognises the profound challenges that digital poses for the nature of work, for society and for both the world and domestic economies. It also accepts that no single organisation can hope to have the answers to these questions and therefore looks to create a culture and environment of partnership in which we take collective action to ensure that nobody is left behind and we all remain safe, secure and confident about the future.”
Derek Mackay
Cabinet Minister, Scottish Government
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The Digital Strategy outlines a number of clear actions that the Scottish Government are supporting in order for Scotland to become a “a vibrant, inclusive, open and outward looking digital nation.”

UKCloud is closely aligned with these actions, with some examples set out below:



Shared Technology

UKCloud has invested almost a decade of effort and £10m+ to create a shared cloud platform that is hosted exclusively in government-grade UK facilities that are extensively used to enable public services across the UK. We’re offer plenty of connectivity options from DDoS protected internet, through private connections or connectivity via SWAN.

Public Cloud Engagement

UKCloud exclusively provide services to government, public sector and regulated industries. Our approach to assurance spans people, process, premises and technology and we’ve achieved extensive independent validation. We’re passionate about ensuring the public’s data is kept sovereign and protected from lock-in to proprietary cloud platforms.

Secure Data

Having supported more than 250 digital programmes across UK public sector, we have implemented significant levels of security and resilience to help ensure the services delivered on our platform are well protected from ever expanding cyber threats. We provide a range of services and solutions that help our customers understand their cyber health and harness innovative new approaches of delivering cyber security operations centres (CSOC).

Digital Employment

UKCloud has always been committed to creating ‘social value’ via the UK GovTech community. We’ve created hundreds of high-calibre jobs (including apprenticeships and student placements) as well as ongoing development of skills in cyber, cloud and digital. And we’re expert at helping our ecosystem of more than 300 partners, many of which are small British businesses such as software developers and service providers, to grow and develop new capabilities based on services provided by our platform.

Key Public Services

UKCloud has a demonstrable track record in helping different communities across the UK public sector embark on digital transformation. We’ve supported more than 250 digital programmes across Central Government, Research & Education, Police & Justice, Local Authorities, Defence and other regulated industries. And our UKCloud Health business is focused exclusively on helping organisations providing health and social care.

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