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All UK Public Sectors ranging from health through to police are undergoing significant change through digital transformation. The policing sector is facing significant challenges as a result of a changing landscape which has seen an increase in serious and organised crime, as well as terrorism. This means that police need a more secure and faster approach to managing and dealing with this current and evolving situation.

Key priorities include:

  • Transformation of IT systems
  • Secure resource sharing
  • Establishing collaborative processes with other government agencies

Secure cloud hosting for APD

“The UKCloud-hosted Artemis solution is quick to procure and deploy, and comes with security and scalability built in. Police forces can start saving money and delivering better service to citizens much faster than ever before.”
Mike Isherwood
Managing Director , APD

Challenges faced by the Policing Sector

  • Business Issues
  • Technology Issues
  • Financial Issues
  • Our Solutions

    The UKCloud Policing Application community supports collaboration, where more than one organisation shares the cost of building, supporting and developing an application.

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  • Our Solutions

    The UKCloud platform provides a secure cost-efficient environment from which to build applications to then store data securely and be immune to internet-based threats which means that the service will run as normal without impact to the user.

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  • Our Solutions

    Assured cloud environments can successfully support solutions which enable collaboration, integration and sharing between police forces and other emergency services.

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  • The UKCloud Policing Application Community

    At UKCloud we have been supporting numerous police forces and their application providers for many years and we are collaborating with them across our UKCloud Policing Application Community. Initiated by two police forces, Cheshire and Northamptonshire for a single purpose, the community is growing and attracting new forces and application providers. This project was conceived to help policing organisations accelerate their adoption of cloud-based applications whether they are developed by the private sector or public sector. Benefits of the project include:

    • Application specialists and police forces can collaborate to transform processes to benefit citizens, officers, victims and police staff
    • A catalogue of applications categorised into back-office, middle-office, front-line, and data analysis available to the policing community
    • UKCloud works with the community to develop multi-application collaborations to help UK Policing solve strategic technology gaps that span the capability of more than one app provider
    • Support for application providers to onboard their services to the policing community and support with frameworks (G-Cloud etc.).

    UKCloud is an approved supplier under the Police Assured Secure Facility (PASF) scheme – a status that demonstrates robust compliance to a variety of people, process, premises and technology controls appropriate to the sensitivity of data processed by organisations within the Police & Justice community.

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