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Serving your community

Flexible, cost effective, secure ICT for charities and communities.

You’re expected to be a connected council of the future. We can support you in improving resident services and

Serving your community

As a local authority, you need to improve resident services, while spending cuts mean you also have to save money. You’re expected to be a connected council of the future. Channel shift may mean your residents can carry out transactions online but the challenge is how to make your services smoother and easier to access, more personalised and user-responsive.

To help realise significant cost savings you also need to fully digitise your back offices and transform how you work internally, commission services, diagnose and solve problems, use public space, all whilst attracting and retaining talent

Supporting Local Government.

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Deploying new digital technologies

Deploying new digital technologies hosted in the cloud will help you better respond to these challenges. Cloud environments provide greater scalability and business continuity capabilities, along with greater flexibility and capacity. Innovative applications can be developed and hosted that can improve resident services as well as help you implement more efficient processes and ways of working behind the scenes.

From Cloud Storage, to Enterprise Compute Cloud and Multi-cloud – our cloud services are designed to allow you to do more for less, and enhance your existing IT estate.

Serving your community

Services underpinned by our cloud services



You can also use cloud environments to implement common platforms and so facilitate data sharing across departments, agencies, authorities and organisations in order to improve services. If you’re an English authority, this data sharing capability will be key to helping you fulfil your responsibilities related to the Care Act. If you’re responsible for sensitive data related to those you serve you need to confident that data is secure.

As a UK sovereign provider with only UK data centres, delivering only assured services your sensitive data will never leave the UK and will be safe.

Supporting Local Government.

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Specialist features for Local Government

We’re a proven platform supporting solutions across the UK including Gloucestershire County Council, Islington London Borough and Surrey County Council.

A proven platform

We support solutions across the UK. Including Gloucestershire County Council, Islington London Borough, Surrey County Council and many others.


We’re the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks; we’re a certified Public Services Network (PSN) service provider, connected to the RLI and Janet.


You can confidently use our infrastructure to deliver services while protecting citizen data, our services were previously Pan Government Accredited up to IL3, and so are suitable for data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE).

Cost efficiency

Simple hourly charges, pay only for what you use.

Greener cloud

Our services are CarbonNeutral ® Cloud Services and we also have CarbonNeutral ® Company status.

“We can engage with UKCloud and ensure solutions are optimised for a community or a customer. That wouldn't be possible with a big public cloud provider.”
Jeremy Humphrey
Technology Practice Director, Roc Technologies

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Supporting Local Government.

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