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There is no one-size-fits-all solution

We help private sector organisations modernise legacy technology whilst building transformative digital services, using our safe and trusted multi-cloud platform that delivers unrivalled choice and flexibility.

Organisations in regulated industries, or those that depend on the security of sensitive data, recognise the value of our UK sovereignty and ‘government-grade’ services

We have helped organisations of all sizes and types (public sector & private sector) to take control of their entire IT environment. Whereas public cloud focuses only on the shiny, new applications that are built for cloud, our multi-cloud platform helps you modernise your existing IT whilst you develop transformative new IT – bringing together the old and the new.

Trust our multi-cloud experts to help you face your IT challenge. Whether you need to refresh your existing data centres, adopt software-as-a-service solutions or get better insights from your data – we’re here to help.

Carry forward your investments with multi-cloud

Markets are changing at an exponential rate, and you need a flexible IT platform to enable your business to remain agile. Cloud is the future – given the scale, elasticity and cost benefits that have long been proven.

But what about the systems and skills that you’ve invested in over the years? With multi-cloud, you can carry forward these investments – modernising your existing systems (such as VMware and Oracle), whilst at the same time building new skills and capabilities in genuine cloud platforms like Azure and OpenStack (including Docker and Kubernetes).

Reduce the risk of transformation

Doing nothing is not an option.  You need to keep pace with the expectations of your customers, partners and users – as well as the capabilities of your competitors. You need to control the risks of ‘shadow IT’. And you need to deliver cheaper, faster, better – that’s a tall order!

But we’re here to help. We have a proven public cloud platform that operates at scale and complies with the most stringent security and availability requirements. And we have a large community of SaaS providers that give your users a legitimate alternative to shadow IT. Most importantly, you can start small and demonstrate immediate value through products like our Disaster Recovery, our Cloud Storage and our pay-as-you-go compute environments (which are often cheaper than hyperscale alternatives).

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  • “Working with UKCloud, we’ve pioneered the definition and development of a computing environment that can deal with the scale and complexity of genomics sequencing data — something most hospital data centres would struggle to support.”
    Dave Brown
    Head of Infrastructure, Genomics England

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