Specialist delivery of secure ICT

We are working with the MOD, and other large government departments, to deliver change through the use of cloud services.

Maintain the security that defence demands

The Ministry of Defence is on a digital transformation journey to deliver information advantage to the end user. New ways to generate, collaborate and share actionable intelligence and decision support can be derived from secure cloud capabilities.  The traditional ways of working – with inflexible, expensive, slow-to-change contracts and infrastructure – are becoming a thing of the past.

The speed of change in the information domain means that Defence must deliver services more quickly and more efficiently, and be more connected than ever before, whilst maintaining security controls.

Defending the Defence community.

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Assured cloud computing services

We have built an enduring partnership with Defence, providing true cloud services that are connected, transparent, elastic, secure and easy to use.

By choosing UKCloud, you can reduce the cost and risk associated with building and maintaining IT infrastructure. Our platform is inherently evergreen, so you never have to worry about technology obsolescence or capacity constraints. The platform is delivered as a service, so you can switch from CAPEX to an OPEX-based charging model. Unlike global proprietary PaaS and SaaS solutions, however, UKCloud is an open platform, so you’re never locked in. We know too that you won’t be ready to abandon all the systems you use today. That’s why our platform uses familiar technologies, enabling you to host your current applications and continue to benefit from existing capabilities.

Cloud Technologies:

UKCloud for Azure

UKCloud for OpenStack

UKCloud for Oracle Software

UKCloud for VMware

Deliver better service to citizens

Together with our Partners we can deliver the secure solutions that are needed to deliver critical services to the defence community in a more agile and cost-effective manner.

Using our experience of providing assured cloud solutions to other government departments such as the Ministry of Justice, Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs and the Home Office, UKCloud is in a strong position to help MOD with its own transformation programme, most notably with Defence as a Platform, which demands universal access, evergreen services and avoidance of vendor lock-in.

Our products:

Cloud GPU

High Performance Compute

Private Cloud for Compute

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Cross Domain Security Zone

Secure Remote Access

Cloud Storage

Private Cloud for Storage

UKCloud for OpenShift

Email and Collaboration as a Service

Defending the Defence community.

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Specialist features for Defence

We’re the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks; we’re a certified Public Services Network (PSN) service provider and connected to the RLI.


Protecting citizen data, our services were previously Pan Government Accredited up to IL3, and so are suitable for data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE) and Above OFFICIAL for UKCloudX.

A proven platform

Delivering services to the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Justice, the Home Office and other departments with data sensitive applications.


As a UK company, our cloud platform is only hosted in the UK in close prolixity to other known assets.

Greener cloud

Our services are CarbonNeutral ® Cloud Services and we also have CarbonNeutral ® Company status.


We’re the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks; we’re a certified Public Services Network (PSN) service provider and connected to the RLI.

Cost efficiency

Simple hourly charges, pay only for what you use.

Dstl streamlines research project

“UKCloud met our requirement for a secure, resilient UK-based cloud platform cost-effectively. They were also very supportive, providing us with advice and guidance on the art of the possible in terms of hosting services.”
Dr Neil Higson
Project Manager, Dstl
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Defending the Defence community.

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