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The police and justice community is being challenged to improve services, but also reduce costs in the face of spending cuts. Existing resources are over stretched whilst the demand for service and performance improvements increases. New ways of working utilise new technology – digital evidence, digital case management, witness evidence via video conferencing are just some of the techniques being deployed in order to deliver more efficient and better services. Delivering service to citizens online as well as the digital transformation of traditional paper-based processes can decrease costs, reduce workloads on front-line employees and provide improved levels of service.

But all this requires new applications and technology to be successfully deployed and supported. Not only that, it also means you have ever increasing amounts of data to manage. You need extensive storage capacity, data management and data exploitation capabilities and you have less to spend. Not forgetting that the security of your data is paramount.

Cloud computing can be used to provide a cost-efficient and secure environment to develop and deploy new applications and technology, as well as the unlimited resources needed to securely store your data. Assured cloud environments can successfully support solutions which enable collaboration, integration and sharing between police forces and other emergency services. Enterprise applications can also be securely hosted in the cloud in order to realise increased efficiencies and significant cost savings.

UKCloud’s assured cloud computing services are dedicated to the UK Public Sector and offer:




We’re the most connected cloud provider to secure government networks; we’re a certified PSN service provider, connected to the RLI and Janet as well as an aggregator for the N3 network.


A proven platform:

We’re successfully supporting solutions that deliver service across the police and justice community to include the Home Office and Ministry of Justice as well as police forces such as Cheshire Constabulary, Devon & Cornwall Police, Northamptonshire Police, Nottinghamshire Police and many others.



Protecting patient data, our services are suitable for data at OFFICIAL (including OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE); we’re also a UK Sovereign company with only UK data centres so your data will never leave the UK.



We work directly with organisations and departments across the police and justice community. We also work with an extensive community of partners that focus specifically on serving that community to include Acuma Solutions, Alliantist, APD Communications, Capgemini, i2N, Motorola and many of the other large System Integrators. We underpin digital justice and digital policing solutions that reduce costs, increase agility, address inefficiencies, improve service and facilitate secure data sharing.

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Secure cloud hosting streamlines vehicle and driver behaviour management for UK police