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As part of UKCloud’s on-going commitment to our partner community, we run a series of events to support you in your efforts to win cloud opportunities in the UK public sector. These events range from webinars and forums through to networking events and breakfast briefings. As additional events are scheduled we will publish details here, so please check this page regularly to find an event that could help you.


Meet The Team
8 February 2018 | London

The best just got better… Join us at ICETANK, an iconic location for a landmark event, where you will get the opportunity to not only meet with the UKCloud team, but the major technology influencers who are now standing with us to provide ground-breaking multi-faceted solutions.

Get under the skin of our new offering, take a deep dive with the teams behind the proposition and pick the brains of the Leadership Teams and find out what makes them tick.

This really is an unmissable opportunity to Meet the Teams behind the household technology names you’ll all be familiar with, but places are limited so register now to secure your place!

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On-demand webinars

What’s new and improved from UKCloud?
UKCloud continue to enhance value for money, make our cloud platform easier to consume and improve developer productivity for Cloud Native applications.
This webinar will provide new and existing customers with the details of our exciting new product developments and additional functionality to core services.

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Disaster Recovery to the Cloud

Realise the potential of our Disaster Recovery and business continuity service powered by Zerto which ensures your workloads are unaffected by service issues such as failed software updates, malicious attacks or local hardware failures. This webinar will be delivered by Steve Hall, Product Marketing Manager, and Bart Challis, Cloud Architect.

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The changing regulatory and policy landscape, and GDPR 101

2017 promises to be an interesting and productive year for the UK’s digital industry. In the last month the government has released its consultation on its Industrial Strategy, and published its digital transformation strategy. Government has also announced that the General Data Protection Regulation will come into force next year, despite Brexit. Nicky Stewart, UKCloud Commercial Director, looks at the broader regulatory landscape, before handing over to UKCloud’s partner CISCO. Mark Jackson, Principle Information Assurance Architect gives a 101 on GDPR, in particular looking at how the new law will differ from the current data protection regulation.

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Deploying Production Workloads on Cloud Native Infrastructure
Look at how to deploy production ready resilient applications on our Cloud Native Infrastructure (powered by OpenStack) by leveraging multiple failure domains and load-balanced, clustered servers.

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Journaling Protection from UKCloud – unleash the power of Zerto

This webinar looks at the new Journaling Protection (powered by Zerto) available from UKCloud. Now generally available, we explore how you can use it to protect your entire application stack and look at a potential real-world example of use.

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Implementing a Continuous Delivery Pipeline with Open Source Tools

This webinar gives an introduction to a number of Open Source DevOps tools and how to integrate them to implement automated CI / CD deployments across dev, test and production environments in a multi-cloud environment.

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Auto Power

How to programmatically control the power state of VMs and vApps on the UKCloud Enterprises Compute Cloud platform.  A look into how you can change power states to assets based on schedules and triggers; allowing customers to control costs in line with the ethos of cloud computing.

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What can Active Directory do for your organisation?

This webinar is a technical session, detailing what Active Directory is and how it can be used with UKCloud’s Compute as a Service, across single and multiple availability zones.

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Brexit and the Cloud

What does Brexit mean for cloud service providers, the cloud market in the UK and beyond, and for cloud related regulation and initiatives being driven from Brussels? What are the opportunities? And what should cloud service providers keep in mind?

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Architecting for disaster recovery & high availability on UKCloud

This webinar focuses on best practice design on designing architecture for disaster recovery (DR) and high availability (HA). We have number of direct and indirect customers who often require guidance and advice on building DR options as well as availability into a given project or architecture. This webinar provides various DR/HA options available on the UKCloud platform.

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What is DevOps and what can it do for my organisation?

This session looks at what DevOps is, where it has its roots, how it has evolved and why you would want to know about it.

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Cross Domain Solutions and Secure Remote Access

This webinar  focuses upon the UKCloud Cross Domain Security Zone and the benefits it can bring you by enabling secure transfer of data between our Assured OFFICIAL cloud platform and our Elevated OFFICIAL cloud platform using CESG approved cross domain security patterns.

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Doing Business with UKCloud

This webinar looks at the general commercial principles that apply to cloud services,  how these translate into UK public sector cloud computing principles (in particular G-Cloud), and in turn how these principles align to UKClouds own commercial principles. The webinar will look at key aspects of G-Cloud 8, and what these mean for buyers and suppliers. The webinar also explains how potential partners can engage commercially with UKCloud, whether for G-Cloud or for other opportunities.

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How to use the UKCloud Portal

This webinar provides a walkthrough of the major functions of the UKCloud Portal including Access Control, Billing, Structure and the Knowledge Centre. If you are just joining us or want to refresh your knowledge of the UKCloud portal this webinar is for you.

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Working with Government Networks

This webinar provides a comprehensive overview and walk through of the various connectivity options the UKCloud platform has to offer such as PSN-A, PSN-P and N3. It also analyses the monitoring (security and availability) services that UKCloud provides by default and those that you may need to consider building within your environment to ensure you can provide the highest level of connectivity.

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Designing solutions for the UKCloud Platform

A high level look at the UKCloud platform and how customers can begin to leverage the different security and availability zones to create solutions for the public sector.

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What our partners say

"It's a complete security package on a UK-based platform that makes it much easier for APD to discuss cloud hosting with police customers."

Sean Hancock, APD, Technical Manager.

"UKCloud account management and engineering support are second to none in terms of speed, professionalism and responsiveness. They’re easy to get hold of and our account manager provides us with plenty of useful information - often unprompted - which gets fed into new designs and approaches at APD."

Sean Hancock, APD, Technical Manager.

"In UKCloud we have a partner we can rely on for secure hosting, excellent support, and a service that's so reliable we don't have to think about it. That frees us up to focus on our software and our customers."

Sean Hancock, APD, Technical Manager.

"UKCloud was the natural choice, it's a trusted name, recognised for an exclusive focus on the UK public sector and its understanding of government needs. You've got the peace of mind of Pan Government Accreditation and a cloud platform that meets the requirements of official and official-sensitive data."

Jim O'Connor, Managing Director of i2N Limited.

"This was our first project with UKCloud and we're looking forward to more. We got the help we needed during development, and now we have the tools we need to manage the service effectively. UKCloud is a future-looking company that gives its partners great support."

Dan Worman, Technical Director, Cinos Communications Services Ltd. 

"Our partnership with UKCloud Cloud Services enables us to provide truly disruptive and unique services to public sector organisations, at a lower cost, and with a greater return on investment than traditional cloud unified communications services."

Rickie Sehgal, Chairman of Crises Control, Transputec Ltd

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