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UKCloud for VMware

UKCloud for VMware is aimed at enterprise customers with service levels specifically designed to support business critical applications. Our platform can help you achieve the business goals at the centre of your strategy, without risking your operational ability to execute – powered by VMware

Unlike cloud native applications, enterprise applications were designed in the age of virtualisation and traditional hosting. These workloads support a wide variety of business processes: from back-office systems (such as payroll) to line-of-business applications (such as case management). Some enterprise applications have particular requirements in relation to resilience, assurance, and connectivity to legacy systems and secure communities of users. VMware provides you with the trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform you need to deliver your critical enterprise applications.

VMware provides you with the trusted, connected and flexible cloud platform you need to deliver your critical enterprise applications. To enable you to migrate to a secure sovereign cloud quickly, the VMware cloud offers native backup and disaster recovery, storage options, self service provisioning of VDCs and VMs and all of the support and assistance you need – free of charge.

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  • Features and Benefits

    On demand, billed by the hour for resources used

    enabling cost savings by controlling VM power states based on your requirements and usage

    Build and configure VMs via secure self-service portal & API

    get the resources you need, when you need them

    A range of service levels, VM sizes and licencing options

    configure the solution that is right for your application

    24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times

    feel supported to get the best from your application

    Platform spans two UK data centres separated by over 100km

    architect solutions with confidence that applications and services remain available

    Cross-domain functionality: controlled access between internet and Elevated domains

    make compelling citizen facing services, whilst ensuring data remains safe

    Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel

    have confidence in who has access to your data

    Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles

    solutions on a cloud that aligns with NCSC best practice

    Based on enterprise grade systems from VMware, Cisco and EMC

    use known technologies to de-risk your cloud transition

    Service Options

    This service allows you to: 

    • Manage VMs through the UKCloud Portal and APIs 
    • Utilise the catalogue of pre-created Windows and Linux images  
    • Choose the right VM performance for your specific workload requirements 
    • Choose the right storage, either Tier 1 or Tier 2 for your specific workload requirements 
    • Simply consume the on-platform disaster recovery solution 
    • Simply consume the on-platform backup solution 
    • Manage connectivity into and out of your environment using virtual firewalls 
    • Create secure connections between users and environments using IPsec and SSL VPN/SDN 
    • Configure basic IPv4 load balancers  
    • Consume advanced networking features such as Layer2 VPN, Distributed Firewalls and Distributed Logical Routers  
    • Connect to DDoS protected internet, PSN, HSCN, Janet or RLI networks