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On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

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UKCloud for OpenStack

Develop agile cloud native workloads underpinned by open source technology.

Your path to cloud native applications

Does your organisation want to underpin its digital transformation with open source? Maybe you want to move away from licensing fees or you’re drawn to the growing security benefits that have become synonymous with open standards? Whatever your reasons, more and more organisations are turning to open source.

UKCloud for OpenStack provides you with all the tools you need to modernise legacy workloads and kick-start your journey to cloud-native. By hosting your applications on our government-grade platform, you can start to deliver a true cloud-native experience for your most secure and sensitive systems. Enjoy the benefits of elastic infrastructure as code and rapid deployment times with UKCloud for OpenStack.

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Service Overview

Is UKCloud for OpenStack is the right choice for you?

Ark Data Centres

Keep your data stored in the UK

Your data is a national asset and needs to be treated as such.

Our military-grade data centres ensure your data never leaves the UK. Keeping you ahead of the game when it comes to strict data regulations such a GDPR and Schrems II.

Native Access to Government Networks

Janet, RLI, HSCN and PSN

With native access to key government networks, you can move workloads to the cloud which were once restricted to hardwired, local access. Improve data interoperability and application availability in just a few clicks.

Award Winning Support

24/7 Support at No Extra Cost

All our customers benefit from an allocated Service Delivery Manager who is responsible for ensuring a world-class experience with our brands from the get-go. And with a current NPS score of +56, they’re doing a pretty good job.

Multiple Security Domains

Capable of hosting ABOVE OFFICIAL workloads

From Elevated OFFICIAL to Above OFFICIAL, whatever your security requirements, we’ve put the necessary measures in place so you can move your most secure and sensitive systems to the cloud.

Security Cleared Staff

Your workloads are in safe hands

We take security seriously. And yes, whilst our Tier-2 technical capability is one of a kind, it’s the people and processes we’ve put in place that enables us to offer a secure cloud service with multiple security domains. Pan Government Accreditation to IL3 (IL4 by aggregation), UKCloud is the first High Assurance cloud for above OFFICIAL workloads.

UKCloud offers low latency connections to Crown Hosting

Quick, Reliable Access

Leverage our low latency connections to Crown Hosting and build hybrid, private or public cloud solutions that span both of our UK sovereign data centres (Farnborough and Corsham) – which are over 120km apart.

No workload is too big or small

As a fundamental requirement for Cloud hosting, UKCloud constantly monitors the platform usage down to specific cloud technologies. Our capacity management process takes into account organic growth, forecasted growth by customers, and suitable reserved capacity for unexpected usage.

Public Access to Government Networks

Internet-enabled access to Government Networks

Aggregate and share information between multiple security domains or give secure internet-enabled access to government-grade networks. Whatever your requirements, CDSZ removes one of the biggest blockers to cloud adoption in the public sector. Aligned to NCSC’s Cloud Security Principles – you can rest easy your data is in safe hands.

This is an optional extra. More information is available here.

Globally Backed Cloud Platform

The most widely adopted and understood open source cloud platform, Red Hat OpenStack provides you with a familiar service and an active open source community

Truly Open, Cloud Agnostic

Supports the UK public sector’s desire to avoid vendor lock-in, providing a portable solution allowing you to switch provider without substantial switching costs

Access to a Vast Catalogue of Free Open Source Tools

Helping you accelerate cloud development to improve workload efficiency and reduce costs through sharing code

Cloud-Native Compatibility

Compatible with popular continuous integration and delivery pipeline tools, as well as full support for containerisation including Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift

Optimised Service

UKCloud for OpenStack has been optimised for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data (Above OFFICIAL available on request), as well as for dynamic and self-healing workloads

Span Your Infrastructure

Span your solution across on-premises, private cloud and Crown Hosting to support your hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, as well as mitigating risk through geo-resilience

Scale-out storage

Red Hat Ceph® Storage is a software-defined storage platform that’s engineered for private cloud architectures. Integrated with Red Hat OpenStack Platform and all of OpenStack’s open source projects, Red Hat Ceph Storage lets you provision hundreds of virtual machines and build fully supported cloud platforms.

PAYG Pricing

Only pay for what you use

Whilst hardware runs 24/7, 365 days a year – it’s likely you only need to stand up the majority of your applications for a fraction of that time. Benefit from pay-as-you-go (PAYG) pricing and improved application availability as you transition to the cloud.

No Minimum Contract

No workload is too small

We’ve always encouraged public sector organisations to start small, but start today. We know all too well that seeing is believing, which is why we’re happy to migrate applications of any size to a secure, government-grade facility. A digital transformation is a marathon, not a sprint.

No hidden charges for the ingress or egress of data

Unlike many cloud service providers, UKCloud does not charge for the ingress or egress of data, or for database lookups/queries. This allows for true consumption-based billing with no hidden charges.

Loyalty is rewarded

Customers commit to spending a specific minimum amount each month for a minimum of 12 months. The discount level attained is based on the total spend committed for the 12 months and can range from 9% (minimum spend of £250,000) to 19% (minimum spend of £1,500,000). More information is available via the pricing guide.

Reduce standard rates with an annual subscription

This discount system is aimed at customers who consistently utilise a number of VMs that are running 24/7 throughout the year. Customers can gain a discount off the standard rates by subscribing to pay for VMs for a minimum 12-month period, and UKCloud will take the discount off the annualised hourly cost of the VM which is payable in 12 equal monthly payments, regardless of actual usage. A standard discount rate of 9% is available over 12 months of committed usage.

Managed IT Operations

From Managed Monitoring as a Services (MMaaS) to Patching as a Service – we can take away the headache of basic IT operations.

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Toggle the size of your machine using the bar below. Please note – this pricing calculator is only to give you a rough estimate on pricing.

Please download our full pricing guide or speak with one of our multi-cloud experts for further information.

Prices are based on our Essential options for Elevated and Assured. More options are available, including our Power and Priority offerings.

Download the full pricing guide for further information.

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