UKCloud Limited (“UKC”) and Virtual Infrastructure Group Limited (“VIG”) (together “the Companies”) – in Compulsory Liquidation

On 25 October 2022, the Companies were placed into Liquidation with the Official Receiver appointed as Liquidator and J Robinson and A M Hudson simultaneously appointed as Special Managers to manage the liquidation process on behalf of the Official Receiver.

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Private Cloud

Single-Tenant Compute as a Service for your dedicated compute requirements. All hosted within our government-grade, UK-based data centres.

Built on a Single-Tenant Infrastructure

Our Private Cloud offering enables you to host predictable workloads all on a private infrastructure. The ideal solution for public sector organisations who want to yield the additional security benefits that are synonymous with private cloud deployments.

Streamline infrastructure management and let UKCloud take on the burden of having to manage compliance, hypervisors and hardware so you and your IT team can focus on more strategic projects.

Don’t let Data Sovereignty Become an Issue

As part of our private cloud offering, your data will be hosted in one of our military-grade, UK-based data centres. A facility that is home to our mature and proven Assured and Elevated cloud platforms. However, if you’d rather keep your data stored within your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC) – we can help you do that too.

Speak to one of our multi-cloud experts to find out how we can build a bespoke solution unique to your organisation.

Security expert examining a cloud server in a datacentre

Service information is available in the knowledge centre

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Service Overview

Choose between VMware vCloud Director, Microsoft Azure, Oracle Virtual Machine, Oracle Cloud at Customer, RedHat OpenStack or RedHat OpenShift technology stacks

Single Tenant Storage

Single Tenant Infrastructure

Strike the perfect balance between a bespoke solution and the efficiency of a dedicated environment. Our private single-tenant cloud compute solution provides stronger isolation assurance than multi-tenant alternatives.

Our UK-based data centres are over 100km apart

Choice of Locations

UKCloud data centres in Farnborough and Corsham are located on the same sites as the data centres offered by CHDC – providing proximity to your UK cloud hosted by us.

From 100TB to 20PB of data

Flexible Compute

A dedicated infrastructure provides more flexibility when compared to a multi-tenant alternative. With UKCloud’s Private Cloud, you have the ability to choose from pre-defined sizing range or to specify your own sizing requirements to match your requirements

Optimised for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE workloads

Cross Domain Functionality

Build citizen-facing services whilst maintaining access to secure systems by switching between controlled internet access and Elevated domains.

Connect via the internet, Janet, HSCN or PSN.

Multiple Connection Options

We offer native-access to government networks so public sector organisations can connect to existing workloads with ease. Connect to your data via the internet, PSN, JANET or HSCN.

Managed by SC/DV Cleared Staff

Managed by Security-Cleared Staff

We take security seriously. And whilst our Tier-2 technical capability is one of a kind, it’s the people and processes we’ve put in place that enables us to offer a secure cloud service with multiple security domains. Pan Government Accreditation to IL3 (IL4 by aggregation), UKCloud is exclusively managed by SC/DV cleared staff.

Take control of your IT infrastructure

Total Control

Take advantage of a single-tenant set of hardware resources to create a customised element to your wider hybrid cloud solution.

All our cloud-services are aligned to NCSC cloud security principles


Avoid issues of moving licensed applications to the cloud by limiting them to set single-tenant hardware and core counts.

Migrate legacy workloads to the cloud

Legacy Workload Friendly

Migrating certain legacy workloads to the cloud creates issues due to VM’s moving via HA and vmotion. A single-tenant environment locks these applications to specified hardware to avoid any potential issues.

PAYG Pricing

Customised Configurations

Although we have pre-set options, we understand that every hybrid cloud solution using single tenant cloud resources is different. Our Cloud Architects can work with you to provision the right solution to match your requirements.

Ark Data Centres

Billed as CAPEX or OPEX

Our Private Cloud solution is designed to remove traditional barriers to entry when it comes to the cloud. From scale to budget – you can build a private cloud storage solution unique to you and your business. That means it can be billed as CAPEX or an ongoing operational expense.

No hidden charges for the ingress or egress of data

Unlike many cloud service providers, UKCloud does not charge for the ingress or egress of data, or for database lookups/queries. This allows for true consumption-based billing with no hidden charges.

Loyalty is rewarded

Customers commit to spending a specific minimum amount each month for a minimum of 12 months. The discount level attained is based on the total spend committed for the 12 months and can range from 9% (minimum spend of £250,000) to 19% (minimum spend of £1,500,000). More information is available via the pricing guide.

Reduce standard rates with an annual subscription

This discount system is aimed at customers who consistently utilise a number of VMs that are running 24/7 throughout the year. Customers can gain a discount off the standard rates by subscribing to pay for VMs for a minimum 12-month period, and UKCloud will take the discount off the annualised hourly cost of the VM which is payable in 12 equal monthly payments, regardless of actual usage. A standard discount rate of 9% is available over 12 months of committed usage.

Professional Services

Our team of multi-cloud experts are at hand to help you with a clear path to cloud, no matter where you are on that journey. From refactoring applications to building new cloud-native services – we’ve got your back.

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