Private Implementations of Oracle Cloud within our assured, sovereign datacentres.

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Private Cloud for Oracle Software

Our Private Cloud for Oracle Software product enables organisations to have private implementations of Oracle Cloud at Customer, Exadata Cloud at Customer, Oracle Big Data Cloud at Customer, or Exadata Engineered Systems within UKCloud’s assured, sovereign datacentres.

Private Cloud for Oracle Software can provide hosting capabilities for:

* Oracle Cloud at Customer – A private, single-tenant Oracle Cloud within UKCloud. Oracle delivers and manages the services based on how you want to operate, and you subscribe only to the infrastructure, platform, and software services you need

* Exadata Cloud at Customer – A private, single-tenant Exadata database within UKCloud, consumed on a subscription model. Oracle delivers and manages the Exadata Cloud infrastructure

* Oracle Big Data Cloud at Customer – A private, single-tenant Oracle Cloud, specifically designed for analytical and big data workloads such as Hadoop and SQL. Oracle delivers and manages the infrastructure.

* Exadata Engineered Systems – A private, single-tenant Oracle Exadata system within UKCloud. Exadata is a converged system, designed to host high performance databases. Either Oracle, UKCloud or you can deliver and manage the infrastructure

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Features and benefits

There are many features and benefits to adopting Private Cloud for Oracle Software, including the choice of location for your infrastructure and a 24/7 service desk offering support and guidance.

Retain your investment in Oracle technology

enjoy the cost benefits of migrating your workloads from expensive hardware infrastructure to a secure UK cloud platform

Locate your Oracle workloads with other technology-based workloads

condense your infrastructure footprint by hosting Oracle Engineered Systems within UKCloud and moving other workloads into the multi-cloud platform, using Azure, VMware, Oracle OVM, OpenStack or OpenShift

Move from a CAPEX to an OPEX model

remove the contractual and commercial overhead of hosting Oracle infrastructure in a different location to your other workloads

Choice of location for your infrastructure: UKCloud or CHDC

UKCloud data centres in Farnborough and Corsham are located on the same sites as the data centres offered by CHDC – providing proximity to your UK Cloud hosted by us

24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times

feel supported to get the best from your application

Platform spans two UK data centres separated by over 100km

architect solutions with confidence that applications and services remain available

Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel

have confidence in who has access to your data

Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles

solutions on a cloud that aligns with NCSC best practice

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