Single-tenant Compute as a Service for your dedicated compute requirements

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Private Cloud for Compute

The service is designed for organisations whose particular requirements suit a dedicated compute infrastructure, rather than a multi-tenant compute solution. Your compute needs are hosted either in one of our data centres, to gain the benefits of our Assured and Elevated cloud platforms; or in your Crown Hosting Data Centre (CHDC).

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Private Cloud for Compute enables you to achieve a private infrastructure that is sized for predictable sizes and types of workloads. Provides assurance of additional isolation within the community of UK public-sector customers. Promotes less complex compute management; no more managing compliance, hypervisors or hardware you are able to consume assured cloud computing.

The service provides a better way to deliver the private cloud element of a hybrid cloud strategy with secure, UK-sovereign hosting, management by UK government security-cleared experts and accredited connectivity to government community networks.

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Features and benefits

Here you can view the features and benefits of our Private Cloud for Compute product, from providing a private single-tenant cloud compute solution to providing stronger isolation assurance to flexible connectivity options

Private single-tenant cloud compute solution provides stronger isolation assurance

designed around your requirements – the perfect balance between a bespoke solution and the efficiency of a dedicated environment

Dedicated infrastructure providing more flexibility compared to shared infrastructure

ability to choose from UKCloud compute sizing range or to specify your own

Choice of location for your infrastructure: UKCloud or CHDC

UKCloud data centres in Farnborough and Corsham are located on the same sites as the data centres offered by CHDC – providing proximity to your UK Cloud hosted by us

Secure and flexible software-defined data centre solution

providing a choice of platform to address your needs

24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times

feel supported to get the best from your application

Platform spans two UK data centres separated by over 100km

architect solutions with confidence that applications and services remain available

Cross-domain functionality: controlled access between internet and Elevated domains

make compelling citizen facing services, whilst ensuring data remains safe

Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel

have confidence in who has access to your data

Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles

solutions on a cloud that aligns with NCSC best practice

Connect over the internet, PSN, HSCN, Janet or RLI

choose the right network to connect your solution to

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This service allows you to: