Helping IT Ops and DevOps team to become faster, smarter, and more effective.

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Product Overview

Moogsoft AIOps

Moogsoft AIOps develops AIOps technology that helps enterprise IT Ops and DevOps teams become faster, smarter and more effective. Moogsoft AIOps’ real-time machine learning algorithms reduce operational noise and allow operators to proactively detect and remediate issues that impact their customers’ experience.

Moogsoft AIOps is a Real-time Situation Management platform. Using machine-learning and social collaboration technologies, it detects warnings earlier, provides situational awareness to IT operations teams, and enables faster cross-domain remediation. When installed on top of existing monitoring tools, or traditional event management software, Moogsoft AIOps gives operations team an immediate, 360-degree context view across all IT domains (e.g. application, DB, server, storage, network, and private and public clouds).

The software uses open standards, such as JavaScript to specify how events can be ingested into JSON data format, so there is virtually no learning curve. Operator Teams do not need to learn any proprietary, vendor-supplied programming language. After reducing event noise and simplifying alerts into fewer situations, Moogsoft AIOps send 99% fewer tickets to your Service Desk software (such as ServiceNow, BMC Remedy, CA Service Desk and others).

Moogsoft AIOps provides “Real-time and agile incident resolution” workflow that helps you capture the entire narrative of an incident and present it as a higher-level situation. Because this data driven approach can analyse a situation from multiple angles, IT teams have less actionable alerts to deal with, becoming more productive.

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  • Features and Benefits

    Moogsoft’s patented machine-learning algorithms, built for IT Ops & DevOps, reduce alert volumes, automate alert correlation and streamline collaboration across teams, tools and production stacks – all in real time.
    Noise reduction

    Reduce alert volume by 90% or more by separating signal from noise across all your event sources.


    Correlate related alerts, giving operators contextual awareness and significantly reducing mean time to resolution.

    Probable Root Cause

    Leverage machine learning to find the root cause quickly, and know if it is a recurrence of a previous problem.

    Contextual Collaboration and Knowledge Capture

    Moogsoft routes incidents to the right people and provides contextual knowledge based on previous situations, speeding up resolution time.

    Situation Room

    Moogsoft’s automatically created incident virtual war room brings more effective collaboration, better utilisation of resources and reduced mean time to resolution.

    Auto-ticketing with bi-directional integration

    Supported by all major ticketing systems, this significantly reduces the number of duplicate alerts and tickets.

    Agile and Adaptive

    Moogsoft eliminates the need to define thousands of rules, which means your operations can keep pace with continuous delivery.

    API-Driven Integrations

    50+ out-of-the-box integrations means that Moogsoft can give you visible context to your entire IT toolchain all in one platform.

    Scalable and Flexible

    Moogsoft scales to 10,000s events per second and is deployable on UKCloud, on premise or in hybrid environments.

    Service Options

    This service can be deployed or bought:

    • As a product to be managed and deployed by you
    • As part of our managed Monitoring as a Service offering
    • For use on either internet facing or government networks