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High Performance Compute

The inherent scale and elasticity of cloud makes it an ideal environment for large-scale compute-intensive workloads such as Grid Engines, High Performance/Throughput Compute (HPC/HTC) and Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), some of which has an enduring requirement for large amounts of processor cores and memory.

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Our High Performance Compute service is designed for these types of workloads. In return for a volume and term commitment for a large number of compute cores, customers get a cost-effective, highly scalable infrastructure to support their compute intensive Solution.

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Features and benefits

There are many features and benefits to adopting High Performance Compute, including being highly scalable for throughput computing and optimised for massively parallel processing (MPP) and grid engines.

High performance, massively scalable for high throughput computing

a solution that can meet the largest of requirements to de-risk your project

Optimised for massively parallel processing (MPP) and grid engines

superior value from a purpose – built solution

Choice of VM/node sizes and configurations

flexibility to match the requirements of your workload

Extensive independent testing and validation of assurance

a secure and trusted platform which addresses risks associated with hyperscale providers

Highly resilient

create solutions spanning multiple geographically dispersed UK sites to increase resiliency of your solution. This also allows a secondary site to be utilised as a Disaster Recovery region

24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times

feel supported to get the best from your application

Platform spans two UK data centres separated by over 100km

architect solutions with confidence that applications and services remain available

Cross-domain functionality: controlled access between internet and Elevated domains

make compelling citizen facing services, whilst ensuring data remains safe

Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel

have confidence in who has access to your data

Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles

solutions on a cloud that aligns with NCSC best practice

Connect over the internet, PSN, HSCN, Janet or RLI

choose the right network to connect your solution to

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