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CyberScore™ is an automated testing service that makes cyber security accessible to departments regardless of size. CyberScore™ scores your virtual machine cyber security posture immediately and over time, and explains potential impacts and creates outstanding reporting and improvement plans that can be shared amongst staff and service providers alike.



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CyberScore™ is a fully automated, rapid, and scaleable cyber security testing and rating service which enables users to discover their cyber security ‘score’ and generate high quality reports that help communicate and remediate vulnerabilities around the organisation and throughout the supply chain. The service provides a score based on the state of the vulnerabilities within your network and identifies key remediations and ranks and rates vulnerabilities so that you can decide on an acceptable level of cyber risk.

CyberScore™ works by scanning networks locally from the inside and externally across the Internet to generate a vulnerability score between 1-10 for internal networks, and A-F for Internet-facing systems. This score than acts as guidance for how vulnerable your network is, considering various factors such as the number, severity and nature of vulnerabilities found.  It also considers that your network is only as secure as your weakest host; a network of 100 hosts will score poorly even if only one of those hosts contains a critical vulnerability.


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Features and benefits

CyberScore enables teams to talk about cyber risk in commonly understood, quantifiable terms, with reports to suit both technical teams and management or board level executives.

Create standardised, high quality penetration test reports

Identify results in a ranked format so that you can identify high priorities quickly and easily

View your progress since your last CyberScore

Track your progress and improvement to ensure that vulnerabilities are being resolved and workloads are secure.

Understand potential business impacts

Allows you to prioritise actions based on their potential damage to data, services or organisational reputation.

Share your Get Well Plan with your team or your IT partners

Enable your teams and partners to work with you to resolve issues and work as a team

Complete your Cyber Essential Plus certification

Submit your Cyber Essentials Plus application through CyberScore, using the results of the CyberScore assessment

Stay on top of new vulnerabilities

Ensure that you do not miss threats and be able to act quickly to resolve new issues

Seek local help and support

Avoid costly delays when unsure as to how to resolve issues using your CyberScore support.

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This service will provide the following features. For more information, please view the Product features PDF.