A mature and proven Cross Domain Security Zone, creating easily accessible applications

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Cross Domain in Security Zone

Our mature and proven Cross Domain Security Zone helps you achieve the goals of the Government Digital Strategy. This makes government community (for example, PSN) facing applications available to citizens and industry via the internet. It’s ideal for solutions where service accessibility and data security are key underpinning principles.

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Our Cross Domain Security Zone service can help you to…
• Create applications that are accessible to citizens, but ensure data safety
• Leverage UKCloud’s ready-made solutions to reduce your own infrastructure and compliance costs
• Ensure your solutions are aligned with information security requirements
• Control the service and adapt it to meet your changing requirements

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Features and benefits

The product specific features and benefits of our Cross Domain Security Zone product range from security and compliance to flexibility and control – not to mention cost-effectiveness


Create citizen-facing services while maintaining data security, providing a secure method of communicating between UKCloud’s Assured OFFICIAL and Elevated OFFICIAL cloud platforms


Be confident that your solutions meet the required compliance levels using either our UKCloud Guard, or Walled Garden solutions


Use the service with the confidence of third-party validation, that is properly aligned with CESG Cloud Security Principles


Utilise our pre-built, tested and secure service to implement your solutions quickly without incurring high development costs


Use the ready-made UKCloud guard or design customised solutions via the Walled Garden service – dependent on your needs


With the self-managed Walled Garden, you can apply bespoke controls to support a wide range of use cases and traffic flows

24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times

feel supported to get the best from your application

Platform spans two UK data centres separated by over 100km

architect solutions with confidence that applications and services remain available

Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel

have confidence in who has access to your data

Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles

solutions on a cloud that aligns with NCSC best practice

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Service Options

This service allows you to: