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Cloud Storage

As an object storage platform, based on Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS), it is natively optimised for cloud storage in terms of scale, resilience and accessibility.

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Cloud Storage provides compatibility for objects via S3 and EMC native APIs, and file CIFS/SMB. Cloud Storage is configured to deliver high performance, supporting both large files and a high volume of small files for unstructured content.

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Features and benefits

Our solution delivers a state-of-the art unstructured storage engine that offers an unmatched combination of storage efficiency and data access. Cloud Storage provides enhanced data durability, with built in protection from disk and node failures.

Scale with reliability

Cloud Storage is highly resilient against server and disk drive failures, and provides exabyte scale

Encryption of data at rest

using 256-bit AES encryption. Allows you to ensure the protection of your data

Native support for REST interfaces

ensures open compatibility with API enabled applications

S3 API compatibility

use hundreds of existing Amazon S3–compatible applications via the UKCloud S3-compatible API. Integrate with existing native and virtualised enterprise applications, with no change to the application or stack


Wide support for developer languages and frameworks

provides simple, secure access using almost any language or framework including .NET, Java, C, Flex, PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript with language bindings; new modules for Drupal and content-addressable storage (CAS) developers are also available

Compatibility with a range of third-party cloud storage gateway appliances

allows you to take advantage of technologies such as Panzura Alto Cloud Controller, EMC Geodrive and SoftNas Cloud Enterprise. Cloud storage gateways can be installed on premises or in the cloud, and provide a NAS or SAN presentation of the storage layer

Limitless cloud storage immediately available to service various use cases

relief from capacity management issues related to LUNS, RAID groups and file systems

Extended Metadata

allows you to retrieve your data easily and contextually with industry-leading metadata search

24/7 service desk included as standard with SLA response times

feel supported to get the best from your application and reduce delays

Assured; UK hosted by SC and NPPV cleared personnel

have confidence in who has access to your data and workloads

Aligned with NCSC Cloud Security Principles

be confident that your solutions are on a NCSC best practice cloud

Connect over the internet, PSN, JANET or HSCN

choose the right network to connect your solution to for ease of access

Optimised for OFFICIAL – designed for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE

supports and enables the Government Digital Strategy which increases the number of workloads that can be migrated to the cloud

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