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Teradata empowers organisations to achieve high-impact outcomes through analytics. With a powerful combination of Industry expertise and leading hybrid cloud technologies for data warehousing and big data analytics, Teradata unleashes the potential of great organisations.

Partnering with top companies around the world, Teradata helps achieve operational excellence, transform finance, optimise assets, improve customer experience, mitigate risk and drive product innovation. Teradata is recognised by media and industry analysts as a future-focused company for its technological excellence, sustainability, ethics, and business value.

More than 50% of their team are consultants – data strategists and data scientists, technologists, innovators and experts in all types of analytics. They engage directly with business and IT leaders to solve urgent real-world problems and seize compelling strategic opportunities.

Teredata combine proven analytics expertise, specialised business consulting and scalable, high-performance, analytics ecosystems. That’s why their agile analytics solutions are market-leading and award-winning.

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