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Halcyon Solutions Group was founded in 2014 by a small team of enthusiasts who had extensive experience of delivering IT solutions and consulting in the areas of cloud architecture, service design, system security and service management; with a specialism of delivering such capabilities for government agencies and the UK intelligence sector. They needed a way to reach key IT decision makers within the industries that they served.

With a sizeable and diverse track record of operating in this space, the company has used its experiences to develop a portfolio of products and services that increase IT business agility whilst reducing operating complexity and cost; demonstrating sizeable in-year savings and reduced TCO for key decision makers.
Halcyon Solutions Group provides secure products and services to central government agencies and the UK intelligence sector that demonstrate reductions in IT operating complexity, cost and resourcing, whilst maintaining a perfect fit for the additional demands of its high-profile clients.

"UKCloud has provided a platform allowing us to reach key IT decision makers, which wasn't possible before"

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