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Just like other public-facing organisations, you’re challenged with meeting an increased demand for service with ever decreasing budgets. At the same time, those you serve or those who donate expect you to engage with them or deliver service online. New ways of working need to be adopted and new applications need to be deployed to meet these challenges. Cloud services can help. Using cloud can help you reduce costs and deliver service online, as well as enable increased efficiencies and agility across your organisation. And it doesn’t need to be complicated – we understand your challenges and can provide all the help, support and information you need to get started.

You can use cloud to enable a dispersed workforce to work more effectively and securely as well as improve the mobility of your staff and volunteers. You can use our platform to support the successful deployment of new applications that can improve service and deliver connected care. It can also help you adopt new ways of engaging with donators and volunteers.

Our services can support improved and secure collaboration with across your community in order to improve the services you provide to those in need as well as better protect the vulnerable. You can be confident that sensitive data related to those you serve is secure because we deliver assured cloud services.

Our services are designed specifically for the UK public sector and offer:



No upfront costs, no commercial or technical lock-in.


Unparalleled support:

Extensive customer support provided at no extra cost; we’ll help you specify, implement and optimise your solution. You’ll also have single point of contact should you have any queries or service issues as well as access to a 24×7 service desk.


Cost efficiency:

Simple hourly charges, pay only for what you use.




We specialise in protecting citizen data; as a UK sovereign assured service provider with UK data centres the security of your data will never be compromised.


A proven platform:

Delivering service to organisations throughout the UK Public Sector we support successful solutions across central and local government as well as health, justice and education.



We’re committed to making technology simpler for public sector organisations. Our public cloud services provide easy to use technology solutions that can help you reduce costs as well as improve engagement with members, volunteers and donators.

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Case Studies


Surrey County Council

Cloud flexibility helps Surrey’s most vulnerable