Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle


Enterprise Compute Cloud for Oracle provides customers with a configurable self-service infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) powered by Oracle VM (OVM) technology that fully complies with the compatibility and licensing requirements of Oracle-based enterprise applications. This service is provided within the UKCloud Information Assured cloud platform with a wide-range of network connectivity. UKCloud provides and maintains the core infrastructure that will allow you to bring your own Oracle licensing and build a solution unique to your needs. This provides flexibility to scale your resource usage as your needs evolve, without the historical on-going hardware investment associated with Oracle.

check Built on an Oracle software stack powered by OVM technology check Exclusive focus on UK Public Sector
check Uncontended infrastructure optimised for the performance and availability of Oracle workloads which is compliant with Oracle’s licensing requirements, enabling you to license only the processor cores used check 100% UK sovereign – the company, the staff and the data centres
check Use of Oracle’s own technology means that Oracle workloads operating on the UKCloud platform aren’t subject to the types of movement that can unbalance Oracle applications running on other cloud platforms check Services optimised for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data
check The scalable nature of UKCloud’s service enables you to add or remove resources in line with your understanding of the performance requirements of your solution check The only cloud provider connected to the following government networks: N3/HSCN, PSN, Janet and RLI


Oracle provides a popular and powerful suite of products, utilised by many UK public sector organisations and their partners; becoming a vital and integral part of their solution and services.

Reasons for Enterprise Cloud Compute for Oracle adoption include:

Transition to the cloud avoiding licencing pitfalls

The UKCloud Oracle platform has been developed as an isolated service on specific hosts that are configured for Oracle. As such, there are no concerns with regards to the intricacies of Oracle licensing as you simply need to ensure that you have the right licenses for the resources that you consume.

Eliminate contractual or technology lock-in

With UKCloud there is no contractual or technology lock-in. You have the flexibility to re-architect the solution if your requirements change, or if you want to adopt a new technology. Plus the nature of our no lock-in approach means that you can leave at any time.

Utilise UKCloud for Oracle DRaaS

Whether you’re looking to maintain your existing on-site implementation of Oracle, or are in the process of considering moving it to UKCloud, we can help. You can still use the UKCloud Oracle service as a DRaaS ensuring that you have business continuity for your citizen-facing services.

Meet reducing budgets whilst maintaining citizen-facing services

As your operating budgets are constantly reduced, you still need to maintain and even improve existing citizen-facing services, and also reduce your ongoing costs relating to hardware, support and real estate. You can transfer your Oracle investment to UKCloud and pay as you use, rather than incur onsite hardware and support costs. The UKCloud Oracle service allows you to meet your budgets, whilst ensuring performance, reliability and security.

Host multi-technology solutions with one provider

Many public sector organisations have already either migrated existing services to the VMware Enterprise platform, or created new services using the OpenStack platform. The Oracle platform now allows you to move your key databases to UKCloud to work alongside other services and applications on the cloud platform. This increases the benefits of scaling resources, efficiency and paying for what you actually use.

Embrace technology evolution and digital transformation

With ongoing pressure to embrace new technology, whilst simultaneously maintaining existing services, the UKCloud Oracle solution allows you to reduce costs plus also move your Oracle services to a cloud platform. You can then take the time to consider new technologies without the pressures associated with maintaining Oracle hardware.


UKCloud now offers the Enterprise Compute Cloud – Oracle platform which is designed to enhance our unique capabilities such as; assured connectivity to PSN, N3/HSCN and Janet communities, multiple security domains and 100% UK sovereignty via a licensing compliant Oracle specific platform.


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