UKCloud for OpenStack

UKCloud for OpenStack provides a full suite of modern, highly scalable and flexible IaaS services that address the needs of DevOps and WebOps communities. Using the ease and openness that OpenStack provides, Digital by Default services and solutions can be delivered on an assured hyperscale cloud platform.

OpenStack has established itself as the open standard cloud platform on which developers are able to build agile and elastic digital solutions that are not locked into any single cloud service provider, unlike most multi-national public cloud services.

Features & benefits

By adopting OpenStack as the engine, we deliver an open source based solution that leverages the mature and trusted cloud platform that UKCloud is known for.
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Service options

There are many reasons for adopting OpenStack, from Implementation of hybrid/multi cloud strategies to testing and deploying emerging technologies.
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We deliver an open source based solution that leverages the mature and trusted cloud platform that UKCloud is known for.

check Globally backed cloud platform – the most widely adopted and understood open source cloud platform, providing you with a familiar service and an active open source community check Truly open, vendor neutral – supports the UK public sector’s desire to avoid vendor lock-in, allowing you to switch vendor per your needs without substantial switching costs
check Access to a vast catalogue of free open source tools – helping you accelerate cloud development to improve workload efficiency and reduce costs through sharing code check Public sector focus – exclusive focus on the UK public sector and 100% UK sovereign – the company, the staff and the data centres
check Cloud Native compatibility – compatible with popular continuous integration and delivery pipeline tools, as well as full support for containerisation including Docker and Kubernetes check Optimised service – Cloud Native infrastructure has been optimised for OFFICIAL and OFFICIAL-SENSITIVE data, as well as for dynamic and self-healing workloads
check Span your infrastructure – this can be spanned across on-premises, private cloud and Crown Hosting to support your hybrid and multi-cloud strategies, as well as mitigating risk through geo-resilience check Highly resilient – create solutions spanning multiple geographically dispersed UK sites to increase resiliency of your solution. This also allows a secondary site to be utilised as a Disaster Recovery region


Increase business agility and innovation

OpenStack’s fully self-service capabilities provide a programmatic mechanism directly to developers to provide or tear down virtual infrastructure in seconds rather than weeks.

Implementation of hybrid/multi cloud strategies

This can span to on-premises, private cloud and public cloud environments, helping reduce the risk associated with using a single vendor or environment.

Recycle your investment with Amazon Web Services

OpenStack’s API provides EC2-compatible features, allowing you to control both environments through a single API. Also, OpenStack’s HEAT and AWS CloudFormation templates are cross compatible.

Test and deploy emerging technologies

Disposable environments can be rapidly deployed and scaled on a platform that allows for cloud-native applications to be developed in line with the Twelve-Factor App principles on a purpose-built cloud platform.