Meet Vrush – Product Marketing

"My placement has been hugely valuable to me and my degree as I have been able to put the theoretical concepts learnt on my Business course into practice."

Why did you apply to UKCloud?

Before my placement, I was a Business management student at the University of Portsmouth. Alongside this I had a variety of part time roles and enjoyed participating in a range of Societies. UKCloud appealed to me because of its unique product offering and the tremendous growth in the five years it has been operating. I really liked the sound of the role and the variety of tasks and responsibility I would gain exposure to. I wanted my placement to give me a taste for what it is really like working for a technology company and to put my theoretical knowledge of business into practice. I believed UKCloud would give me both. The managers made me feel really welcome during my interview which also encouraged me to work for UKCloud.

Tell us about your experience 

It’s difficult to pin-point just one but I enjoy working with and collaborating with people across the business. UKCloud is a fun company to work for as we have regular social activities such as Casino nights and Go-Karting. I also enjoy speaking to sales as it provides me with useful insight and knowledge into customers and the market., my day to day role varies, if I was to explain it would be something along these line; provide the Products team with analysis on several different areas that have an impact on decision making. Analysis on topics such as the market, competitor, customer service tickets, service availability, finance, pricing and product. My analysis plays a key role in helping the Product Owners at UKCloud make decisions based upon independent data. I also help with the Product Marketing activities such as updating the UKCloud website when new products are released and creating compelling collateral to enable the Sales team when pitching to potential customers and helping with the pre-sale and during sale process.

My placement has been hugely valuable to me and my degree as I have been able to put the theoretical concepts learnt on my Business course into practice. I have been able to contribute ideas and make a real difference to the organisation. I now have both a theoretical understanding for Business and have experience working in a market leading company.

How have you developed? 

Prior to UKCloud I lacked confidence, which is a skill I have improved whilst working on placement. The company provide various opportunities to improve confidence and I made sure I grabbed them with both hands. Apart from confidence I have developed an abundance of skills such as analytics, marketing and website development. I now have a much better understanding of the Products team which will help when making future career choices. UKCloud offered me many additional learning opportunities including: presentations in front of the company, speaking at University fairs, providing training to the Sales organisation and working with suppliers directly. This has helped improve my public speaking, communication and presentation skills. For this reason, there really is no opportunities that you can’t get involved in, if you ask then the support will be there to develop.

What has been the most challenging part of your placement? 

I think the thing I have found the most challenge is adapting to a working life. I started off this job role having just come from university. Starting a 9 – 5 job was a dramatic change from this and I had not had routine in my life for a long time! This paired with the level of responsibility that I have in my job role meant that the first few months were quite tough and I knew I had to learn to organise myself better.

Any advice for someone looking to work here?

UKCloud is a fast-paced organisation with requirements often changing. It is sometimes difficult to juggle multiple activities but this has been a great learning experience and I now know how to better manage my time and prioritise activities.