Meet Thomas – Technical Operations Undergraduate

"What excites me about UKCloud is the open, yet professional, atmosphere that we have"

What’s you background?

I am currently studying Forensic Computing and Security at Bournemouth University. I decided to develop my IT Career by taking a placement year at UKCloud. Previously I worked as a Shift Manager at McDonald’s however since a young age I’ve always had a passion for technology. This encouraged me to take a degree in Computing and lead me to start my career in IT.

What bought you to UKCloud?

UKCloud was my next step up during University. The role at UKCloud was attractive to me as it gave the opportunity to gain a broad overview of IT and the underlying infrastructure keeping the lights on. The technical operations placement gives me the opportunity to rotate around several teams and departments. Over the course of my 12-month placement I will have the opportunity to work directly with customers with the Cloud Support team to working in connectivity and the Enterprise Cloud Computing team. This means that in 12 months’ time I will have built up good knowledge and awareness across the business and have a good idea which area of IT I want to specialise in.  For anyone looking that is looking to take their first steps into IT but not sure what area they want to focus on, I would highly recommend UKCloud’s technical operations Placement. Another huge deciding factor for me was the atmosphere at UKCloud. From the start of my application everyone I’ve been in contact with are friendly and genuinely nice people. Another benefit of working within a smaller company is that you are known as a person rather than a resource.

What work are you excited about?

What excites me about UKCloud is the open, yet professional, atmosphere that we have. With the day to day tasks there is always something different and that change of pace is nice. With difference, brings the ability to learn but also the ability to problem solve any issues which may arise. Even as an undergraduate I am a key individual within the team, any ideas that I provide will be treated the same as another individual. This was important to me because in lots of placements you are treated below others and are not trusted, but UKCloud gives your responsibility, ownership and the opportunity to make a difference.  I am also excited that I am currently gaining Industry qualifications to help develop me for when I go back to University and ultimately my future career.

What does your day look like? Inc. technologies

My current rotation is in the NOC department, they operate a 24/7 service to monitor the platform and resolve any capacity issues that may arise outside of office hours. My day to day tasks involve monitoring and resolving issues which may occur on our platforms. Every day is interesting because you don’t know what might happen. When you’re not monitoring you are able to help train new colleagues, learn new technologies or develop yourself with Industry Certifications.

What is the ambition for you and the team?

My ambition at UKCloud is prove myself through the different departments picking up key essential skills and getting a feel for what I prefer the most. Currently NOCs target is to improve the overall platform and its health to ensure an excellent customer experience.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join UKCloud?

When you first join UKCloud as an undergraduate make sure you ask as many questions as possible, but more importantly don’t be scared. For most people this is their first career in IT so if you don’t understand something don’t be put off! We’re all here to help you and everyone is happy to help. We will do everything we can to develop you, after all we would love for you to come back as a permanent colleague!