Meet Steve – Technical Authority

"Prepare to get stuck in, ask lots of questions and get ready to learn "

What is your background?
I have moved around quite a bit gaining experience along the way – I have covered everything from IT support at a local school to a network engineer at Adobe. I joined UKCloud as an Automation Team Lead and am now the Technical Authority for the cloud native infrastructure.

What brought you to UKCloud?
The opportunity to work with some amazingly clever people who were breaking new ground in the way in which cloud could be used to deliver services to the public sector. I saw it as an opportunity to extend my skills into new and emerging technologies. I’m now responsible for helping to run and maintain our OpenStack platform.

What work are you excited about?
I am excited about working for a company that is always introducing new technology and offer the speed of learning. I really enjoy working on new technologies particularly within the open source ecosystem. As well as this I get to work with a truly collaborative team.

What does your day to day look like?
I’ll catch up on emails, join the daily stand up, then spend some time working on some OpenStack or cloud storage project work, or helping one of our support teams work through a customer issue.

What is your ambition for you and your team?
We are a highly ambitious team with a really exciting roadmap. Our ambition is to make the roadmap a reality and help/support our customers manage their workloads.

What piece of advice would you offer someone looking to join UKCloud?
Get ready to have your technical skills stretched and work outside your comfort zone. Prepare to get stuck in, ask lot of questions and get ready to learn…a lot.