Meet Sophie – Product Marketing Undergraduate

"Here at UKCloud there are lots of opportunities to learn things outside of your role"

What’s your background?

I am currently on a placement year, which is part of my 4 year course at the University of Sussex, where I am studying Computing for Digital Media. Whilst undertaking my first 2 years of university I worked part-time at Waitrose primarily as a Sales Assistant in the Customer Service team at Lewes, with the goal of becoming trained in all sections of the branch (achieved April 2018). In addition to this, I also volunteered at my local church helping to teach children of various ages, lead the music and write articles for the website.

What brought you to UKCloud?

Before searching for a placement, I listed a set of desirable requirements that I would use to then compare each company before applying for the placement. One of my top requirements was the location, as although I could adapt to living in a city, I would have preferred an area with lots of countryside as I regularly go for long walks and like to explore. Another is the customers, my goal since I was a child has always been to work with the public sector due to my family working in various companies within the medical, fire and delivery departments over the years. I found UKCloud to tick many of these requirements and after coming to the interview, I found the company to be friendly, down to earth and a perfect opportunity to gain experiences with multiple teams within the companies.

What work are you excited about now?

I’m excited to gain more experience and exposure at UKCloud. There are lots of opportunities for learning outside your direct role and these will help me establish the career path I want to pursue after University. In my first few months I have already found Product Management to be both exciting and engaging, I am excited to see where the next 10 months will take me.

What does your day look like? Inc. technologies

Each day is different from the next depending on the type of projects i set myself and the team I am working with. A usual template for my day is meeting with the Software Development teams and our UX designer, to review our plans for the week, our projects, research and help in designing and creating different aspects of the products we deliver as a company through the Scrum Methodology.

What is your ambition for you and your team? Inc. technologies

My ambition is to learn new skills, gain experience in all teams and take ownership of a product by become a product owner. In doing this I will gain experience and expand my knowledge in working with a team, leadership skills as well as gaining the understanding of different career paths so that I can better understand which career path I wish to follow. My ambition is also to increase the level of communication between my team and others both in the social and professional manners within the company

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join UKCloud?

To gain experience in all areas as to truly understand a product you need to look at it from all angles. This not only helps you to meet all the teams and get to know your way around the company but also will help in your day to day tasks. Also though there are many opportunities to learn and experience from at UKCloud, don’t wait for the opportunities to present themselves to you, be a self-starter – go out and find them.