Meet Shaun – HR Advisor

"Don’t be afraid to speak up, suggest new ideas and challenge existing ways of thinking."

Why did you apply to UKCloud?

I suppose the thing I was looking for most out of an employer when choosing the company to conduct my placement was the learning and development opportunities and I was surprised how much I learnt in such a short period and the support UKCloud provided through my time. I joined UKCloud initially in 2015 through the Business Operations placement scheme after studying Accounting with Finance at the University of Portsmouth. My placement role involved taking up a range of tasks across the HR, Finance and commercial functions and this really helped widen my knowledge and understanding of how a business functions and underlying exposure. My placement in business operations helped shape my future career path recently returned in a graduate HR role. My current day job revolves around managing a variety of people projects, develop KPI and support the recruitment of our emerging talent network. Across my time at UKCloud I have always been handed real responsibility and the opportunity to make a difference to the future of UKCloud and their colleagues.

Why did you return? 

What has continued to surprise me is the continued support to my personal development, not only did they develop a role to fit my passion and career change to HR. But they are also supporting my future studies, currently studying a part time masters in Human resource management with the end goal of achieving my CIPD qualification in two years. Additionally, the Work/life balanced is highly essential in any full time working role and with the agile working patterns I can work and study remotely and still have plenty of time for family and friends. The team was also a huge factor in making me return already getting along well with a good group of individuals, not to mention looking forward to more Christmas Parties.

How have you developed? 

There is no doubt that I have changed and learnt a lot progressing from when I joined in 2015 to today, more noticeably is my confidence and public speaking something that I had always shied away from. My strategic understanding has continued to develop and there is never a shortage of project work and task to get involved in that can continue to excite and develop your skills. It’s not just technical skills that a role at UKCloud helps develop but also a lot of the softer skills around time management and prioritising workload, valuable skills any student can take with them on their future careers. My career at UKCloud so far has set good foundations for my future career and I’m excited to see where it leads.

What did you find most challenging about your placement? 

For me the biggest challenge was adapting to working life. On top of this a big challenge is managing workloads, prioritising tasks and projects. You soon get into the swing of things but the first couple of weeks can be daunting and will push you out of your comfort zone but it all pays off in the long term.

Any advice for someone looking to work here?

If you’re looking to apply do your research, understand what it is we do and how your skills fit with the tasks at hand If I could give any words of wisdom to applicants or students starting their career at UKCloud it would be to go for it, take up those opportunities and push yourself. The support from your line manager and HR team is there so don’t be afraid to speak up and suggest new ideas.