Meet Neil – Technical Operations

"My role has varied over the duration of my placement and I have been given the opportunity to work across a range of teams and functions."

Why did you apply to UKCloud?

Before joining UKCloud I was studying Computer science, I have always had an interest in working for a tech firm and I wanted to avoid the larger tech firms where you can often get lost in the system. UKCloud was the perfect opportunity for me, a relatively smaller organisation that can support my growth, development and exposure to a range of technologies and high priority projects.

Tell us about your experience 

The best part of working for UKCloud is being able to mould the company and effect positive change. UKCloud is always looking to improve in any way possible, and being a part of that improvement is extremely worthwhile. My role has varied over my placement and I have been given the opportunity to work across a range of teams and functions, some of the areas I have had hands on experience with include resolving internal IT issues, automating workloads, monitoring our platform, resolving engineering and networking issues, triaging customer issues, and working with customers to support them in whatever they require. Regardless of where I am, most days are busy for me, and I enjoy every second of it.

How have you developed? 

I have developed in many ways both professionally and personally at UKCloud. I have learned much about myself during my time here, and have been offered several opportunities to progress my skills and achievements.

What have you found challenging about your placement? 

UKCloud has a fast-paced, constantly changing environment. You need to always be on the ball and prepared to react to anything that may come your way. High-pressure situations can be challenging, but providing you can handle them and react well under pressure, you will find these situations to be highly rewarding.

Any advice for someone looking to work here?

Say ‘yes’!  Make the most of the opportunities UKCloud have to offer. It’s a company that you can make a big impact and difference to. But as well as this you can gain so much knowledge and experience by seeking out tasks that you want to do.