Meet Molly – Technical Operations Work Experience

"My experience with UKCloud has been great. There is such a friendly atmosphere in the office."

Give us a bit of background on yourself

I am currently in my first year of college at the Farnborough College of Technology, where I am studying the Level 3 Extended Diploma in IT.  IT and technology have always really excited me.  IT is always changing and influencing the work around us, it’s a movement I really want to be a part of. In my spare time I have picked up Python, Java and Visual basic but I am always trying to learn more!

What interested you in UKCloud and the technology/cloud industry?

I was required to do some work experience as part of my Diploma. I really wanted an opportunity to be a part of the IT industry, put my classroom knowledge into practice and see what makes IT tick. UKCloud was attractive to me as it offers cloud services which I initially knew nothing about.  It has really opened my eyes to whole new world of opportunities.  The cloud market is growing and learning from a very experienced team at UKCloud. I saw from the company website that they worked with many different areas of the industry, which helps maintain their company’s abilities and flexibility. This has helped me understand how the variety of different IT roles can contribute to a company’s success.

What did you think about your experience at UKCloud?

My experience with UKCloud has been great. There is such a friendly atmosphere in the office.  The different teams are in an open plan environment so it’s easy to contact another team if you have any questions. Due to the variety of teams that UKCloud has, I was also able to shadow multiple people and get a feel for what each team does for the company and how this can apply for the workplace environment. I spent some time with the Customer Support team learning about virtualisation and VMware, and most importantly the emphasis UKCloud places on its customers. I also got the opportunity to work with the platform teams from CNI to OpenStack and Networking.  Learning about UKCloud’s multi-cloud initiative, containerisation and how the team keeps the infrastructure up and running.

UKCloud has many fun activities which take place throughout the week. One of these was the Company stand-up, which acts as a meeting where all the teams come together to discuss what has been achieved and any other notable efforts. The stand-up is held in an area of the office where there are sofas and beanbags. Sometimes we even throw a stuffed toy to the person who wants to talk.  The Friday breakfast and free soft drinks were also a very nice treat!

What can you take away from your experience at UKCloud?

UKCloud has given me a valuable insight into how a professional IT company works. I have learnt so much about the different types of teams in an IT company. Shadowing multiple teams also gave me a practical context to the things that I am learning in college. On top of that, I have learnt about how these skills are relevant within any IT company, not just UKCloud. I really enjoyed working alongside skilled professionals and there is a lot I can take away and apply at college. Because of my experience at UKCloud I have a much clearer understanding of potential career routes and areas I want to work in.  Overall, it’s been a very eye-opening experience.

What advice would you give someone looking to do work experience?

Work experience is a brilliant way for you to experience what it’s like to be in a workplace environment.   I highly recommend work experience to everyone!  Doing your work experience at UKCloud is different than doing your work experience at many other IT companies because of the wide variety of IT roles that you can shadow. Plus, UKCloud has a friendly atmosphere and everyone is willing to help and answer any questions you might have.

My advice to someone who is going for work experience is don’t be afraid to speak up and ask questions.  If you have one area you really want to see, ask!

Thank you for this opportunity and experience, UKCloud!