Meet Mark – Automation and Service Reliability Manager

"Be open to change, be adaptable, flexible and stay focused "

What is your background?
I have moved from Electronic Engineering into Computer Engineering, primarily working with Linux and Unix. I spent much of my time in managed services businesses which are highly visible and customer focussed. I have been involved with a lot of innovation and projects with a high impact on customer service and the business itself.

What brought you to UKCloud?
UKCloud is a tech company and it gives me the opportunity to reconnect with the core parts of the business and the customer. Being part of the influence and involvement in how well the business does, as well as being close to the customer and their needs.

What work are you excited about now?
Improving our applications and tools; what they can actually do to help with the business including flexibility, speed, and innovation.

What is your role at UKCloud?
Within my role I am responsible for applications and tools, which support our customer solutions focussing on the interaction between tools and data. For example, usage, capacity, and billing. My day is a mixture of operational issues and improvements, projects, managing resources and dealing with tech challenges. I’m actively involved in escalations, whiteboard sessions, analysis and prioritisation. Tech includes Linux, Open source tools, analytics and automation. Automation is the key!
Personally, there are surprises each day which are interesting!

What is your ambition for you and your team?
To be an example of what tech is in terms of driving business and improvement, where ultimately other teams aspire to join us and be experts in automation, system reliability and availability. Having a tech environment that’s very dynamic and adaptive, flexing to the needs of the business and deployment.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join UKCloud?
Be open to change, be adaptable, flexible and stay focussed. It’s a marathon not a sprint; take time to pause and recognise achievements.

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