Meet Kat – Head of Projects

"UKCloud is about collective delivery and having a family atmosphere"

What’s your background?
For 10 years, I worked in telecoms and media. I started in sales admin, customer service management, training, product management, and process consultancy. I freelanced for a little while and worked at a range of media and telecoms business before I looked for my next challenge at UKCloud.

What brought you to UKCloud?
Being able to see the opportunity that was there. It’s fair to say, it can be a chaotic place, it runs fast and with that comes challenges. We’ve moved out of start off phase and the team are growing with the company. People are genuinely invested with what they do and collectively there is a real passion to succeed. Nothing is too challenging or difficult; we collectively get there.

What work are you excited about now?
I am most excited about Oracle. There are a lot of challenges and progressive timescales from product management and a huge customer pipeline. We’re learning as we’re going and pushing out suppliers and it’s new for them too – I really enjoy that collective learning. It’s difficult to plan for and we can’t learn from anything else.

What does your day to day look like?
As Head of Projects, I look after the Agile Delivery Management (ADM) community. Some people think of them as PM, or BA. We’re the glue that holds projects together – prioritising resources and driving teams to a single deliverable. A lot of our time is clearing blockers and impediments – small or large programmes of work. My role is providing an escalation point, coaching individuals through challenges in projects and how ADM’s interact with the rest of the business. But one day might be…. chaos. Switching from one project and leading in to another. I might be running a stand up with my team or a deep dive with another project to find out where things are. I spend a lot of time liaising with other parts of the business, and fire-fighting such as when kit hasn’t arrived.

What is your ambition for you and your team?
To deliver projects of quality in a timely and predictable manner. Putting some more stands around the projects itself. Working more closely with the product community before taking it to a live project. Understanding about BAU and project work.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join UKCloud?
Don’t worry that you don’t know everything or you think you don’t know enough. The teams are very good and everyone will support. Don’t be afraid to fail or not get it right the first time. Passion is infectious.

Come and work here. It’s been the hardest time of my professional career but the people that are here make it worthwhile. UKCloud is about collective delivery and having a family/team atmosphere.