Meet Han – IT Support

"Make the most of the opportunity, rotate around the teams, learn all there is to learn and find the perfect role for you."

What attracted you to the scheme here at UKCloud?

I was attracted to the scheme as it was much more IT sovereign than other placements offered and could supply a more rewarding place to work whilst studying. Working with UKCloud would allow me to get a good understanding of the sector and allow me to work with many experienced IT professionals.

What are the benefits of being on the scheme with an SME?

The scheme gives you a role and a responsibility straight away, putting you into the company as a fully functioning member of the team. This also allows you to progress faster as you learn on the job which in turn benefits in exams as the roles reflect your study.

How will this scheme contribute to your future career aspirations?

Becoming qualified as an Advanced Infrastructure Technician along with working at UKCloud will allow me to have a wide range of knowledge, which will help me progress through my career.

What’s it like to work with the UKCloud team?

It is a great place to work as you are given freedom to control your day and how you work. You can always join in on training and projects.  This is a great way to work with other teams more often as everyone is friendly and willing to help.

What are the challenges of your role?

The most challenging part of my role is that I am always learning whilst trying to work. This goes hand in hand because the more I learn the better I become at my work. You have to make self-led decisions and use your intuition.  This is not something you are always used to coming out of education, but you always have a team around you for your questions.

What tips would you give to others considering an apprenticeship?

If you want your foot in the door in a specific line of work, an apprenticeship is a great choice as you can join a large company and progress within, whilst gaining your qualifications.  This can give you a chance of staying on after the apprenticeship.