Meet Bart – Product Manager

"Be prepared to get stuck in - you may have a job description but there are so many opportunities to get involved with"

What is  your background?

I studied Forensic Science at Staffordshire University, after finishing my degree I joined EMC as a pre-sales architect before joining UKCloud as a Cloud Consultant. I have moved about quite a lot and developed quickly at UKCloud. I was promoted to Cloud Architect after six months and more recently moved into the Product Management team.

What brought you to UKCloud?

What initially brought me to UKCloud was the benefits but since then the pace at which I have developed, and UKCloud’s technological development has got me excited. The passion to be at the face of world leading technologies, and be making a difference is why ultimately I have continued to stay.

What work are you excited about?

I’m super excited about getting fully to grips with being a Product Manager. I’ve only been in it for a month and there is so much to learn, however the idea of being the one to drive new strategy in my products is really what makes me look forward to every day.

What does your day look like?

Usually it starts with a 6am gym session followed by meetings, training, answering emails and chatting with customers, suppliers and colleagues. Because I am the Product Manager for Oracle Cloud, Cloud GPU and Connectivity, I get to work in a load of different areas and my days are literally never the same. Whether I am looking into the latest GPUs from NVIDIA, talking to Oracle about their new cloud technology or having a compliance review with a customer for their newest network, there is always plenty to get stuck into.

What is your ambition for you and your team?

I would love to see our Cloud GPU product really take off – the things that GPU can do is really astounding – many people think it’s just useful for gaming or rendering awesome visuals, however the possibilities around AI, deep learning and IoT are by far the most interesting things you can do with GPU.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join UKCloud?

Be prepared to get stuck in – you may have a job description but there are so many opportunities to get involved with; you may find a new passion for something or a new career you never thought about before.