Meet Andy – Head of Product Management

"We're a company open to change and challenge so actually believe that your voice is just as valid as those who joined us at the start "

What is your background?

I completed a degree in Electrical Engineering and after travelling I went to join RM (IT in Education). I worked more towards a commercial background in hardware services, then around seven years ago RM showed an interest in developing cloud services and I moved across. Four years ago, I joined UKCloud as a Product Manager. I have managed all of the products internally at some point and was recently promoted to Head of Product Management.

What brought you to UKCloud?

I believe in the company message and feel we’re ultimately a power in the UKCloud sector, enabling change and innovation. For me personally, I get to work with intelligent people and my vote is counted! Certainly, when I’ve spoken to colleague and friends they also find themselves looking at SME’s.

What work are you excited about now?

I’m excited about taking the product organisation forward, from managers to leaders; working much more in a forward-facing capacity. To focus and specialise on why we’re doing things through to working with external suppliers and stakeholders. I am also excited about building those pathways for the team and of course I still get excited about the products too! What our customers achieve on our platform is truly interesting.

What does your day to day role look like?

My role is to provide the team a clear vision and direction to our product practices. To understand the market and technical landscape to meet customer needs. Ultimately, we bring the rest of the business along that journey to deliver the product. I’m involved in stand-ups with software, infrastructure teams and third-party partners, 1-2-1’s with the team, strategy meetings, supplier meetings and their ambitions to feed back into their products organisation, as well as a whole host of other tasks. More excitingly, I often have calls with our customers about what they want to do next and how we may need to evolve.

I get involved with a range of technologies including Enterprise tech such as VMWare, EMC, Cisco, Software tech such as Zerto and our own developed portal code.

What is your ambition for you and your team?

Product Managers are leaders and subject matter experts who help customers solve their challenges and deliver value. If they understand that, mobilising a cross-functional team in the business is easier.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking to join UKCloud?

Bring plenty of change for the tuck shop! It’s a fast-moving company so come in and expect to contribute from day one. We’re a company open to change and challenge so actually believe that your voice is just as valid as those who joined us at the start. We’re growing so fast and it’s so exciting; there are lots of opportunity to explore.