Meet Abi – Software Engineer

"Everyone was friendly, and were willing to answer my questions and help me grow."

Why did you apply to UKCloud?

Before UKCloud I worked at a games company and learned the basics of coding from some of the developers there. Once I got the hang of it I knew I wanted to do programming in the future. After doing computing in college and some more experience over a few summers, I completed my degree in computer science at Aston University and from there the logical next step was to apply to UKCloud for my year in industry. I was first attracted to UKCloud by the chance to work in a new industry with different technologies. As the cloud is one of the fastest growing industries and an area only covered in passing in my course I was excited to learn more about the industry and the technologies used in it. It’s proved a great opportunity to put my theoretical knowledge at University into practice.

What motivated you to come back after graduating?

The main reason I decided to return to UKCloud was because of the team I worked with. Everyone was friendly, and were willing to answer my questions and help me grow and learn. The company gave me plenty of opportunities to learn new technologies and try new projects.

What have you learnt?

While working at UKCloud I have learnt a great deal. I learned Ruby, which was my first time using a dynamically typed language outside of university. I also learned a great deal about the cloud and some of the technologies behind it such as vCloud and OpenStack and a role at UKCloud gives you exposure to a range of languages.

Any advice for someone looking to work in your team and position?

My advice would be to be prepared to learn, have the willingness and capacity to pick things up quickly and ask lots of questions. Get to know the team as everyone has a range of skills and expertise.