Mini-Report: Health and Care Edition

At the start of the year, UKCloud published the results from their State of Cloud Adoption report. Having interviewed more than 304 public sector organisations – a 102 of which were from the health sector – this mini-report hones in on the results from the health and care industry.

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The vast majority of public sector IT remains in traditional, non-cloud environments. So, to find out why, UKCloud surveyed more than 300 public sector organisations, large and small and asked them about the common issues and challenges that are impeding broader adoption of cloud.

The results are emphatic. There remains a universal desire to move IT environments into the Cloud, with almost 9 out of 10 respondents stating that if a ‘perfect solution’ existed, they would move all their IT into the cloud. Yet, cloud adoption in the public sector remains patchy.

In this mini-report, we take a closer look at the key blockers to cloud in the health and care industry.

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