Software to Services Ebook

Why software providers in regulated industries should consider a SaaS-based operating model.

Rapidly evolving technology, shifting consumer expectations and fluctuating market conditions are changing the delivery of public sector IT in the UK – and software and application developers need to change with it.

Under pressure to deliver, despite ever-decreasing budgets and a widening skills gap, those working in public sector are constantly seeking ways to increase efficiencies and cut costs. Although reducing, there are still instances where each local authority could run and manage its own bespoke IT platform, and software vendors must, therefore, be mindful of any changes they make. The increasingly popular trend of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) is likely to cause more disruption to the market that they anticipate if not implemented correctly.

This paper will explore the reasons behind these fundamental changes to the market and why government IT departments are being forced to adapt to the new cloud and SaaS delivery model as well as looking at what’s holding them back.

We’ll explore how organisations can transition from ‘software vendors’ to ‘software to service providers’ and stay one step ahead of this disruption. Looking at what cloud transformation is, how it works and its benefits for both SaaS providers and their customers.

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