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GUIDE consultancy report

This report highlights the significant risks and opportunities political parties should consider as they set out their policies on public sector...

Cloud: the total cost of operation

Cloud computing is now an integral part of the government’s ICT Strategy, offering the potential to deliver cost savings as well as agility,...

UKCloud and the EU General Data Protection Regulation

The European Union General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), effective 25 May 2018, updates existing data protection laws for the digital age. It...

Cloud: Unlocking transformation across the UK’s Public Sector

This White Paper outlines how far the UK public sector has progressed on the path to cloud adoption and the challenges that it will face along the...

Manipulating Power States with PowerCLI

This blueprint describes the basics of how to use PowerCLI to power VMs and vApps on and off via a script, and then automate the script so that it...

Bring your own firewall to UKCloud

Historically, UKCloud has required customers to utilise the vCNS edge device provided. This blueprint discusses how you can now install your own...

Designing solutions for HSCN

The HSCN (Health and Social Care Network) is the replacement for the legacy N3 network. It enables you to connect to all health and social care...

Exporting and importing vApps and vApps templates

The UKCloud platform was designed and implemented so that it is identical in each data centre, with few differences between the Assured OFFICAL...

Running legacy and enterprise applications in the cloud

The UKCloud Blueprint ‘Characteristics of cloud applications’ discusses the fact that, although many legacy and enterprise applications work in...

Key characteristics of cloud applications

Although many legacy and enterprise applications can run in the cloud, only applications that are designed specifically for the cloud can truly...

Using the UKCloud Guard

Our customers have varying requirements ranging from relatively low security solutions which are natively accessible on the Internet to higher...

Programmatic Control of the UKCloud Platform

Compared to traditional hosting solutions, customers using UKCloud’s cloud services benefit from true utility pricing (per VM per hour) which...

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