Overcoming the Barriers to Agile Software Delivery

Ben Saunders, a Lead Software Engineer and Scrum Master at UKCloud explains how a fictitious company, SuperSoft, used SCRUM management techniques to overcome various challenges associated with agile software development.

SuperSoft have a vision. A vision of how their business – a humble software provider that allows County Councils to schedule rubbish bin collections – should work. One where they feel secure that every change they make to the software will be welcomed by their customers. One where meetings between account managers and customers focus on new features and new ideas, not just technical issues and familiar complaints. And one where the application itself – from its interface right down into its codebase – seems to be getting better over time.

Many of the companies that seem to be living this dream are using agile frameworks like Scrum, but it’s hard for SuperSoft to see how they could use it. Download this eBook to find out how it can be done.