Young Women In Tech

What does International Women’s Day mean for young women in tech?

International Women’s Day underlines the importance in recognising the achievements of women across the world as they surpass the challenges of gender inequalities embedded in our society. Here at UKCloud we value the contribution women make in the technology industry as often it is not an easy path, not helped by the lack of advocation of STEM subjects towards young girls in school and all the way through to the hiring process. Recognising these obstacles means we can be more proactive as a company and offer a space for women in what has been a male-dominated industry. Our undergraduate scheme offers experience in the tech sector early on in women’s careers allowing them to realise the opportunities available in the technology industry and climb the career ladder quicker. Breaking gender barriers where we can, when we can.

But you don’t need to just take our word on it. Here is what our undergraduates have to say about their experience as a young women in UKCloud.


“Whilst studying Computer Networks, my placement year at UKCloud in Technical Operations has been, to say the least, enlightening. The interlinking I have witnessed between the platforms and services truly results in a knowledge of how it all works together. Not only do I gain that industry knowledge, but I get to experience it in an environment where I can learn and gain from other women in STEM in all branches of UKCloud. I see the progress from the inside this sector is making with innovative solutions whilst also being a part of the cultural shift in which women can really thrive and contribute, even when ansible won’t do as it’s told. The idea that I can have a role on this new horizon for STEM and encourage more women to join these sectors spurs and inspires me.”
– Rebecca Davies, Technical Operations Undergraduate 


“As a young woman forging my career in the marketing sphere, I did not think I would find myself in the technology sector. Not because I didn’t like it but because I considered it out of my depth, angled in favour of my male counterparts. What I did know is tech is all around us: it is unavoidable, fascinating, and only accelerating which is why when UKCloud offered me a placement I was delighted to be accepted. To be part of growing, futuristic, innovative… yet male-dominated industry felt exciting and overwhelming. I felt the anxieties of how would I compare to my male-counterparts? But UKCloud gave me an opportunity to learn more, kindling my curiosity towards innovation. Now I can confidently market to our technology peers with confidence, possessing a better understanding of this new era of technology around us. I am proud to be part of the technology industry as a young woman knowing my voice has in impact in our future.”
– Rheea Jugmohur, Marketing Undergraduate 


“Undertaking business management at university, completing my placement year as a Junior Product Marketer at UKCloud has been my first opportunity working in the technology industry. I had previously been exposed to life in this sector through family members but had never personally experienced it. I have found it inspiring to see the achievements and progress of so many women in a traditionally male dominated sector. Having the opportunity to be able to learn in such a positive culture has been invaluable to growing my skills and knowledge base. The involvement in an industry which is constantly changing has been a highlight, as the environment encourages innovation and creativity, so it is exciting to have the chance to be involved in shaping the future of the sector.”
Cerys James, Junior Product Marketeer 


“As a business management student with no previous experience in tech other than what was taught at school, stepping into a product marketing undergraduate role at UKCloud was a new experience for me all together. It is so interesting to take a step back and view the business environment in a new way, with most of the tech industry being male dominated, its uplifting and inspiring to see women in these roles, climbing the careers ladder and furthering the future of tech and women in these roles moving forward”

– Mia Fegan, Junior Product Marketeer 


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