VMware vCloud Director V9.7

Next month (Sept 19) we complete the vCloud Director 9.7 roll-out across all regions. This version further adds to the HTML 5 tenant UI, now UKCloud branded, it introduces several new features such as the new organisation ‘at a glance’ ribbon view, recent tasks pane showing last 50 tasks and networking vApp diagram showing vApp logical networking.

This version also supports all major browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Internet Explorer, along with the introduction of the new vCloud Open API.

In order to support this rollout, NSX has been upgraded to v6.4.5, supporting new edge features including IPSEC IKEv2, Diffie-Hellman v16, faster edge redeploy times and a more robust NSG code base.


VMware has continued their work with HashiCorp to improve the quality of tooling available for vCloud Director and the 9.7 release sees the introduction of the v2.0 Terraform Provider for vCloud Director. This is now available and enables administrators and DevOps engineers to fully define their vCloud Director infrastructure as code inside Terraform configuration files.



vRealize Operations (vROPs) Tenant – Coming Soon  

The rollout of vCloud Director 9.7 enables us to offer extended services through the vCloud UI via a service catalogue. This will start with the introduction of an advanced monitoring capability delivered through the vROPs Tenant appliance. This billable feature, when enabled, will provide a more in-depth view of your environment’s performance metrics allowing for better capacity planning, the ability to right size VMs to workload and pro-active alerting.