UKCloud wins Service Excellence Award at Inspire ’19

UKCloud’s investment in customer excellence has resulted in a NPS swing of +70 and an award-winning performance at Inspire’19.

London – 26th November 2019 – UKCloud, the multi-cloud experts dedicated to making transformation happen across UK public sector, has today announced it has won the Service Excellence Award at Inspire’19.

UKCloud has continued to invest significantly in customer excellence, in addition to further developing its multi-cloud expertise, to ensure all its customers are able to harness the benefits of cloud, no matter their size or technical maturity. A key part of the strategy has been to provide a personalised experience to their customers, focused on the outcomes they are seeking to achieve. UKCloud’s customers have increasingly endorsed this strategy, with UKCloud’s Net Promoter Score (NPS) improving by 70 points, going from -15 to +56.  This is a remarkable achievement for a SME competing in a market dominated by global providers. Such progress is only possible by listening to customer feedback and consistently adapting to continuously improve the service offering.

UKCloud has concentrated on customer excellence and has recently launched new Service Management capabilities to meet the needs of its growing business and users. It is focused on improving operational efficiency and providing a better customer experience through new tooling, better communication (e.g. Status Page) and a new UKCloud community site which makes it easy for customers to share feedback and contribute ideas to shape UKCloud’s product roadmap. Last year, customer ideas contributed to more than 40 feature improvements across the service catalogue driving UKCloud’s impressive business growth and enabling customer retention. In this way, every UKCloud customer is placed right at the heart of technical and product development to ensure that UKCloud continues to deliver the specialist capabilities that the community of UK Public Sector organisations require.

Chris Eldridge from Mayden said, “UKCloud’s approach to customer service was one of the key reasons we chose them as our cloud provider and one of our key reasons for continuing to grow our business with them. We often score them 10/10 for their service support, and we appreciate being able to influence how they continue to improve their service delivery and the capabilities they are developing on their platform. UKCloud’s customer focus gives us the confidence and ability to drive our digital transformation and deliver better outcomes for the patients who depend on our solutions.”

UKCloud’s Customer Excellence Strategy comprises the following –

  • Engaged Employees – By being empowered to provide a great customer service, UKCloud employees remain focused on what is important; the customer.  
  • Understanding The Customer – UKCloud maps the customer journey to their own support teams helping to ensure a smooth transition from onboarding through to business-as-usual.
  • Friction Free – All interactions are delivered in a friction-free manner with tools designed with user experience in mind.
  • Always There – UKCloud offers a 24×7 service, including a Network Operations Centre (NOC), with support staff available anytime, day and night.
  • Hyper-Personalised – By ensuring a personalised experience we are more than just another faceless cloud provider; UKCloud also provides every customer with named contacts across the business.

UKCloud has also introduced additional service offerings to help their customers even more on their cloud transformation journey, including Professional Services such as the Transformation Accelerator and Managed Services such as CloudSOC. It has long held the ISO20000 certification for IT Service Management (ITIL) which has recently been recertified.

For more information on how UKCloud could support your business to achieve its digital transformation goals, please contact: Nick Loba, Senior Professional Services Manager at