UKCloud Wins Place on YPO Framework for Provision of Cloud Hosting and Management of Services

UKCloud is one of 10 approved suppliers of Cloud Hosting (Lot 5) able to provide multi-cloud hosting and management across public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud services

London – 12th August 2019 – UKCloud, the multi-cloud experts dedicated to making transformation happen across UK public sector, has today announced that it has been successful in winning a position on the YPO Data Centres, Maintenance, Security and Cloud Hosting services Framework Agreement which has a maximum value of £400m and went live today.

YPO supplies products and services to a wide range of customers delivering public services including local authorities, emergency services, schools, charities and care homes. Based in Wakefield, Yorkshire, YPO now provides services to all areas of the UK including London and the South East. This new Framework Agreement enables YPO customers to procure Lot 5 (Cloud, Cloud Services & Hosting), Lot 7 (Managed Service) and Lot 10 (Colocation/Shared Hosting Services) from UKCloud and its selected partners.

There are a variety of drivers behind YPO customers, such as local authorities, searching for new data centre solutions. One is the Office of Government Property (OGP), formerly the Government Property Unit, which is actively seeking to reduce the size of the estate via programmes such as One Public Estate which is delivered in partnership with the Local Government Association. In some cases, data centres need to be vacated as surplus public sector property is being sold off to generate much needed capital receipts. Hence, this new framework makes it easy for YPO customers to work with UKCloud to modernise their datacentre solutions by using multi-cloud solutions.

UKCloud will make available the following services via the new YPO Framework Agreement:

  1. Multi-Cloud – For YPO customers who want to embrace the diversity of multiple clouds, UKCloud understands that no single cloud suits all requirements and so is providing new cloud options; from UKCloud’s own Public Cloud (and global cloud with Microsoft Azure), to deploying Private Cloud (in a customer’s data centre, Crown Hosting or UKCloud’s own), to High Assurance cloud (for especially secure and sensitive systems), to bespoke non-cloud requirements like Oracle SPARC and colocation.
  2. Specialist Partners – UKCloud expect some YPO customers will want more than just commodity cloud components such as Infrastructure-as-a-Service. UKCloud has expanded its 3rd party software to include outcome based solutions like an application monitoring and optimisation services (partnering with Cisco AppDynamics) and end to end universal encryption solutions (partnering with Hytrust), as well as value added services such as CloudSOC (partnering with e2e) that provides 24/7 protective monitoring of customers’ core assets to keep them protected against cyber-attacks.
  3. Expert Services – UKCloud provide support for all stages of a customer’s journey, from advisory services to 24/7 support and service optimisation. For YPO customers embarking on their initial steps to the cloud, UKCloud has a range of Professional Services providing expert advice and guidance – not just for UKCloud services – but across the multi-cloud spectrum including on-premises Private Clouds and SaaS options. UKCloud provide specialist assessments such as CyberScore and Cost Optimisation Services (based on VMware CloudHealth), resulting in actionable plans that can either be executed by the customer or by UKCloud and their large ecosystem of solution providers which include boutique consultants and global system integrators. The YPO framework also covers UKCloud’s in-life support services to ensure YPO customers find it easier to run and manage their cloud estates including 24/7 monitoring of applications, proactive patching and configuration management of workloads.

As a UK sovereign SME, UKCloud has supported more than 250 digital transformation projects across public sector via various Crown Commercial Service frameworks including Technology Services 2 (TS2), Data and Application Solutions (DAS) and G-Cloud, as well as via its large ecosystem of partners, so is delighted to add the YPO framework as another route for customers to engage their services. UKCloud’s experts are available to all YPO customers to explore how they can benefit from multi-cloud via a free workshop or jumpstart service.