UKCloud Launches Cloud Storage, an Object Storage Platform for Cost-effective, Scalable, Resilient, UK-sovereign Data Storage

15 November 2017 – UKCloud, the easy to adopt, easy to use and easy to leave assured cloud services company, announces the availability of Cloud Storage, an all-new object storage platform for the UK public sector. Powered by Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage® (ECS), Cloud Storage from UKCloud provides natively-optimised cloud storage that is scalable, resilient and accessible.

UKCloud offers a more cost-effective proposition than its rivals, with both writing data into cloud storage and extracting data from cloud storage available at no extra cost. In addition, its UK-sovereign data storage with high levels of security and assurance and multi-site resiliencies, as well as its simple connection with UK government network access provides the ideal solution for UK healthcare and public sector organisations.

“Easy access to multiple government networks is essential for our UK public sector customers, as are assured security domains for up to official-sensitive workloads,” explains Simon Hansford, CEO at UKCloud. “But with no extra charges for writing or extracting data, and with scalable, resilient and accessible storage to meet a wide range of use cases, we also help them ‘do more for less’, safe in the knowledge that their data will always remain in the UK.”

An early adopter of UKCloud Cloud Storage that recently announced that it was migrating many of its applications to UKCloud is Docman, which has recently launched Docman 10 a cloud based software platform that manages the transfer of care within a healthcare organisation. Docman has been working with UKCloud Health, a new division of UKCloud launched earlier this year to deliver an open, collaborative and UK sovereign public cloud platform specifically to the healthcare industry, supporting health and care organisations, research and life sciences and pharmaceuticals.

Alistair Eaton, Chief Operating Officer from Docman, added: “The Docman 10 application stores documents and structured messages to UKCloud Cloud Storage natively using its S3-compatible API. The Docman 10 platform is accessed entirely through a web browser, providing complete secure access to clinical documents and structured data from anywhere at any time through any device. The platform also meets the requirements that documents are stored in UK sovereign data centres and that storage is addressable only from the NHS N3 network. Docman 10 meets the challenges and demands of a 21st Century health economy, supporting Shared Care Records across a wider health landscape, new models of care including 7 day access, federated back office working and cross organisational workflows, tasks and messaging. Additionally, UKCloud’s ENHANCED service allows documents to be immediately available from a secondary site for business continuity purposes.”

Cloud Storage from UKCloud leverages the strengths of Dell EMC’s Elastic Cloud Storage (ECS) to provide natively-optimised cloud storage. As Jacques Boschung, Senior Vice President for EMEA Alliances from Dell EMC explains: “In the hands of the truly innovative cloud service providers in our partner ecosystem, such as UKCloud, Elastic Cloud Storage provides unmatched scalability, flexibility and resiliency. ECS also enables UKCloud’s public sector customers to maximise the value of their data, whether working with traditional or next-generation workloads, or both together.”

Key advantages of Cloud Storage from UKCloud are:

  • Scale with reliability – Cloud Storage is highly resilient against server and disk drive failures, and provides exabyte scale
  • S3 API compatibility — use hundreds of existing Amazon S3–compatible applications via the UKCloud S3-compatible API.
  • Encryption of data at rest using 256-bit AES encryption – allows you to ensure the protection of your data
  • Native support for REST interfaces – Ensures reliable connectivity over the DDoS-protected internet, PSN and other wide area networks
  • Wide support for developer languages and frameworks — provides simple, secure access using almost any language or framework including .NET, Java, C, Flex, PHP, Python, Ruby and JavaScript with language bindings. New modules for Drupal and content-addressable storage (CAS) developers are also available
  • Extended Metadata – Permits you to retrieve your data easily and contextually with industry-leading metadata search
  • Limitless cloud storage immediately available to service various use cases – relief from capacity management issues related to LUNS, RAID groups and file systems
  • Compatibility with third-party cloud storage gateway appliances – allows you to take advantage of the following technologies, such as Dell EMC CloudArray, Panzura Alto Cloud Controller, Seven10 StorFirst EAS and StorSimple Appliance.Cloud storage gateways can be installed on premise or in the cloud and provide a NAS or SAN presentation of the storage layer.